Lee Si-eon warned against his fake social media account

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Si-eon warned against a fake account.

On the 8th, Lee Si-eon posted on her Instagram on the 8th, “Please be careful of a fake account, which pretends to be me. I don’t speak English well. Culture shock” along with the impersonation account and a DM capture by fans.

In the public picture, an impersonated account with Lee Si-eon’s main account picture as a profile first spoke to the fan in English, and the fan worried, “Isn’t it hacked?”

The impersonation account continued to send blatant replies, saying, “I created a temporal account to communicate with a small number of fans. How long have you been my fan?”, and the fans responded coldly, saying, “I can’t believe what you say.”

The netizens who heard the news are “Really creepy, be careful with your brother”, “The whole public knows that Lee Si-eon is not good at English, but that kind of trick…”, “There’s no way he can speak English well”, “Impersonation is really the worst behavior. “Let’s not, everyone” warned of impersonation, worrying about Lee Si-eon.

Meanwhile, Lee Si-eon is appearing in MBC ‘I Live Alone’.


Photo|Star Today DB, Lee Si-eon SNS

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