‘Screening Humanity’ Jang Ki-bong, “Don’t be so sad” over daughters who are saddened by cat death

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In the ‘Screening Humanity’, Jang Ki-bong, a man who’s on the documentary, comforted her daughter, Jang Pu-reum, who was sad after losing a cat.

In the KBS1 documentary ‘Screening Humanity’, broadcast on the 8th, it was decorated with part 4 of ‘I will live in the fields of Mr. Ki-bong.’

On this day, Jang Pu-reum, the daughter of Jang Ki-bong, shed tears in surprise when she discovered that a long-lived cat was fallen. “If there is something wrong with the body, the immunity is not as strong as that of a wild cat, so it just dies,” said Jang Ki-bong.

To Jang Pu-reum, who is struggling, Jang Ki-bong said, “Don’t be so sad.”

Even after Jang Pu-reum left the house, Jang Ki-bong expressed his anxiety, saying, “Would Pu-reum cry like that even if I die. I don’t think so.” He also said, “It’s the opposite of having dogs and cats at home. Why do people and cats suffer from raising them at home?”


Photo| KBS1 broadcast screen capture
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