“The highest level ever-no malicious comments” Gayoung → Reina ‘Miss Baek’, a stage rediscovered with tears [General]

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Eight people from a girl group who have been forgotten little by little in memory gathered at ‘Miss Baek’.

Gayoung, Nada, Reina, Sera, Soyeon, Soyul, Subin, and Yujin are the main characters. They are attracting attention because they will present a stage full of passion, with the unfortunate story they had to go through during their career as a singer, the life after withdrawal, and with all their strength.

On the afternoon of the 8th, MBN’s new entertainment program ‘Miss Baek’ production presentation was held. While the production presentation was held online to prevent the spread of Corona 19, Baek Ji-young, Yun Il-sang, Ga-young, Nada, Reina, Sera, Soyul, Subin, and Yujin attended.

Baek Ji-young, who served as a mentor, said, “I played the role of the audition program’s coach judge several times, and the participants who did well were proud of having a good chance in life. Looking at it, I felt sorry. I made up my mind that I would never do the audition program again, and I also refused this program under the ground.”

“I went out to meet me because I was asked to meet you (from the production team), but the direction of the program was very different from what I thought.” “I was convinced that my friends and I would be happy too, whether it was good or not.” she said.

She added, “Unlike other contests, no one falls. We don’t want to end with our feast, but we hope to gain sympathy from many people.”

When asked for a memorable episode, Baek Ji-young said, “I only have the memory of each episode. I thought it would be okay to cry so far. The tears were not tears of regret, tears of sadness, but tears of gratitude and empathy, so I was so excited.” She added, “You can’t just look at me, but look at the person who made me cry.”

Yun Il-sang said, “There were several programs, and the reason I chose this program was because of the direction of production. I asked CP about the ratings, and when I heard the answer, ‘I just want the performers not to be hurt rather than the ratings’, I thought it was really amazing. I also appeared because I wanted to play a small role to become a firefly.”

Yun Il-sang said, “I didn’t know it was such a strong program until recording. I thought that these friends’ footsteps have been really heavy so far.” It is so impressive and fun.”

He said, “I think there are many stories that viewers will agree with that that is my story. Please support them for their future. Even after the broadcast, I came up with the idea of wanting to be someone like an older brother who helps these friends.”

In particular, Yun Il-sang said, “Because these are friends who have been hard enough so far, I really hope you don’t write degrading comments. More pain comes than hitting someone on the road with violence. If you really want to leave any single malicious comments, attack me and Baek Ji-young, instead of our members.”

Sarah first confesses shocking stories in ‘Miss Baek’.

Sera confessed, “I got a call from an investigative documentary to cover my story, and there were calls from several places, but they always kept me.”

“But I got courage because Baek Ji-young came out. It would not have been possible without the icon of the older sister. I thought, ‘I want to be only next to my sister’,” revealing the infinite fan spirit for Baek Ji-young.

Baek Ji-young said, “While watching Sera’s story, I asked, ‘Is it okay if your story is fully shared to the public?’ If she said she didn’t like it, I tried to ask staff to refrain from broadcasting her ordeal. But she said it was okay.” “It was because of the consensus. She said, ‘I want to talk about everything because I was hurt because I couldn’t tell you that I am such a person and couldn’t bring it out. That’s why the broadcast goes out, and I’m so grateful to Sera for eating that kind of mind.”

Soyul said, “I want to find a new life.”

“When you become a baby mother, it is not easy to work. When the public relations came, I had an expectation of ‘Will I be able to stand on the stage again?’ but I was worried a lot.” She explained the reason why he decided to appear. .

Soyul is married to Moon Hee-jun from HOT and has a daughter. Soyul, who also appeared in childcare entertainment, said, “My husband told me that I am going to work today, so I picked up the child’s kindergarten. “Thank you so much,” she even gave a laugh by sending a video letter.

‘Miss Baek’ is a story in which eight female idol singers who have been forgotten little by little in people’s memories dream of taking a leap once again. Not only a hidden story that has been told before, but also a new concept with a turning point that will become a’second heyday’ as a life song. It is a documentary (human documentary + show variety) program.

Singer Baek Ji-young, comedian Song Eun-yi, and composer Yun Il-sang will be mentoring for the younger generation.

Gayoung (Stella), Nada (Wassup), Reina (After School), Sera (Nine Muses), Soyeon (T-ara), Soyul (Crayon Pop), Subin (Dal Shabet), and Yujin (Dark) after a long practice life I debuted as an idol, but I had to get away from the stage. They join hands with the best experts to create a turning point in life.

From the days of dreaming of making a singer’s debut to the moment when he had to move away from the stage, as well as the splendid performances that have already been proven through girl group activities, the story will provide new joy and emotion with a story full of sincerity.

Today (8th) 11 pm broadcast.

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