‘You can talk to your sister’ Lee Young-ja x Kim Won-hee “A celebrity we want to invite? Kim Hye-soo”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘You Can Talk to your Sister’ Lee Young-ja and Kim Won-hee sent a love call to actor Kim Hye-soo.

At 11 am on the 8th, the production presentation of the SBS Plus entertainment program ‘You Can Talk to your Sister’ was broadcast live on YouTube. MC Lee Young-ja, Kim Won-hee, and Lee Ji-hye attended the production presentation on this day.

On this day, Lee Young and Kim Won-hee chose actor Kim Hye-soo with one voice as a celebrity who wants to hear their concerns. Lee Young-ja explained the reason, “The way Kim Hye-soo solves her worries was so cool. I get too small in front of a big problem, but Kim Hye-soo has a cool appearance.”

Kim Won-hee also sent a love call saying, “At the time of the drama ‘One Roof Three Family,’ Kim Hye-soo was also young, but she helped me so well and took care of me. So I want to see her again.”

On the other hand, Lee Ji-hye picked legendary trot singer Na Hoon-ah and said, “I’m so hot these days as Tess hyung. I’m so curious about how you think.”

On the other hand, ‘You Can Talk to your Sister’ is a reliable program where Lee Young-ja, Kim Won-hee, and Lee Ji-hye give advice and comfort when confessing the troubles that are difficult to bring out anywhere. The first broadcast at 8:30 pm on this day.


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