‘Dark Hall’ Kim Ok-bin x Lee Jun-hyuk cast confirmed… Next year’s upper broadcast

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actors Kim Ok-bin and Lee Jun-hyuk confirmed the appearance of OCN’s fifth dramatic cinema ‘Dark Hall’. As the news of the strongest combination of genre products is announced, infinite confidence that he will draw a stroke in ‘Korean style Thriller’ springs up.

OCN Dramatic Cinema ‘Dark Hall’ (played by Jeong Yi-do, directing Kim Bong-ju, 12 episodes) is a creature action thriller depicting the dire survival of those who survived among the mutant humans who drank the mysterious black smoke from the sinkhole. This is the fifth work of OCN’s Dramatic Cinema Project, which shows the essence of a well-made genre by combining the format of a movie and a drama. As a result, another thriller, following ‘Trap’, ‘Hell is other people’, ‘Extraordinary Investigation’, and ‘Search’, and the casting combination of Kim Ok-bin and Lee Jun-hyuk add firepower to the expectation.

First, Kim Ok-bin, who emits a unique aura such as the movie ‘The Villainess’ and the drama ‘Arthdal Chronicles’, played the role of ‘Lee Hwa-seon’, a detective at the Metropolitan Investigation Unit of the Seoul Regional Office, and predicted a life character renewal. Lee Hwa-seon faces an inflection point in her life as she gets a phone call from the killer who killed her husband, her only family, and comes down to ‘Muji-shi’. People there breathed in the mysterious black smoke, and soon turned into monsters and quickly became chaotic. Hwa-seon, who struggles to maintain’humanity’ in the ignorance of ignorance, is set to fight the fear and pursue the killer who killed her husband.

Lee Jun-hyuk takes on the role of ‘Yoo Dae-han’, a native of the ignorance of Rekka. Usually, he looks like a ‘Gorongi’ who enjoys jokes and jokes with his easygoing personality, but he has a stronger sense of justice than anyone else. Although I took off the police uniform for a misunderstanding and unsavory affair, I always have pride in those days. That is why he tries to save people more actively by helping detective Lee Hwa-seon, whom he met by chance in Muji-shi, who fell in love with his mutant humans. Lee Joon-hyuk’s next work, who was loved by Lee Jun-hyuk, who was running around for success in the recently ended’Secret Forest 2′, was hung up for success. ‘Dark Hall’ is also expected to meet the expectations of prospective viewers with an irresistible charm.

Above all,’Dark Hall’, which is attracting attention as a work that the artist and production team once again harmonized with the artist and production team of’Others are Hell’, which was the center of the topic last year, completed a more perfect picture with the casting of Kim Ok-bin and Lee Jun-hyuk. . A script containing the heavy tension and chilly horror of the writer Jeong Yi-do, and a highly complete mise-en-scene from the film crew led by director Kim Bong-ju, who showed the essence of a chase thriller full of shock and reversal with the movie ‘The Phone’ The synergy of runner OCN is expected to create another luxury product’K Thriller’.

‘Dark Hall’, directed by Kim Bong-ju of the movie ‘The Phone’ and written by Jung Yi-do of ‘Save Me 1’and ‘Hell is other people’, will be broadcast on OCN in the first half of next year.


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