‘Genreman comedy’ Jung Ju-ri, a solution beyond imagination to catch a fart husband

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

At JTBC’s ‘Genreman Comedy’, Jung Ju-ri has come up with an unimaginable solution to fix her husband’s habit of fart in one shot.

JTBC’s ‘Genreman Comedy’ (director Seo Su-min, Kim Jae-won), which will be broadcast on the 10th, is a comedy program that presents a new direction beyond the limits of comedy.

Among them, comedian Jung Ju-ri made laughter by revealing an anecdote with her fart husband. On this day, the Yoo Se-yoon team gathered for a new content under the theme of’Couple Consensus’. At this time, Jung Ju-ri began to confess the actual episode, saying, “My husband has fart too much at some point,” when Yoo Se-yoon said that many couples fight and divorce because of fart.

In particular, Jung Ju-ri made everyone’s mouth open by revealing a wonderful secret to correcting her husband’s habit. “Afterwards, I opened myself up and shouted ‘Choose it!’” which made me laugh. In addition, Jung Ju-ri is said to have released realistic episodes with her husband, from anecdotes related to toilets to stories about washing dishes and child-rearing, which evoked storm sympathy among married people including Yoo Se-yoon and Kim Mi-ryo. As a result, the curiosity rises vertically about what stories Jung Ju-ri might have poured out.

On the other hand, JTBC ‘Genreman Comedy’ will be aired at 7:40 pm on Saturday the 10th.


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