‘Hidden Singer 6′ Jang Yoon-jung, spend 250 million won for a year for a car petrol? After all,’Event Queen’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

In JTBC’s’Hidden Singer 6′ (planning Cho Seung-wook, director Hong Sang-hoon, Shin Young-kwang),’original Trot Fairy’ Jang Yoon-jung appeared as the third rematch original singer, while ‘Chanto Wiki’ Lee Chan-won highlighted Jang Yoon-jung’s record in detail.

JTBC ‘Hidden Singer 6’, which will be aired on the 9th, will feature original singer Jang Yoon-jung and ‘Trot 4 Musketeer’ Young-tak Lee Chan-won, Jang Min-ho and Kim Hee-jae. On this day, Jang Yoon-jung recalled the days when he began to fly splendidly as a trot queen, saying, “I announced ‘Oh My God’ in 2003, and the so-called jackpot started in 2004.”

Lee Chan-won transformed into ‘Chanto Wiki’ and said, “Jang Yoon-jung swept through the year-end awards ceremony in 2005, and she completely broke the prejudice against the trot genre, which was called’Is it last name?”

Lee Chan-won said, “At the time, the only program called ‘National Top Ten Gayo Show’ was the only trot chart, but if you finish first for 5 consecutive weeks, you will be in the Hall of Fame. However, Jang Yoon-jung went up to the Hall of Fame No. 1 with ‘Oh My God’ and No. 1 with ‘Tan T-Ra’. It was the first case that a singer climbed into two songs.” MC Jeon Hyun-moo said, “Are you deliberately studying?” at Lee Chan-won’s extensive knowledge, but Lee Chan-won said, “I love this field so much…” and once again raised everyone’s admiration.

Following Song Eun-yi, “Jang Yoon-jung said that the distance he attended the event for one year was 5 rounds of the earth and 250 million won for oil per year,” representing the scale of the ‘Event Queen’. Then Jang Yoon-jung said, “At that time, it was a very busy schedule, so I don’t even remember much.” “But I held a concert at the time, but it rained so much that I decided to cancel the outdoor performance. Still, I thought, ‘I should say hello to the stage,’ but the audience was sitting in a raincoat and waiting.” Jang Yoon-jung revealed that she felt the preciousness of the stage, saying, “After that, no matter how difficult it may be, for some people, this may be the first and last moment to see me.”

JTBC ‘Hidden Singer 6’, featuring the original Trot Fairy Jang Yoon-jung, who is the ‘Queen of Events’ and who completely broke the prejudice against Trot, will be broadcast on Friday the 9th at 9pm.


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