‘I Live Alone’ Lee Sang-yi, ‘Fish Doctor’ who is with fish for 24 hours appeared

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Sang-i appears in’I Live Alone’.

In MBC ‘I Live Alone’ (Planning Ahn Soo-young / Director Hwang Ji-young, Kim Ji-woo), broadcast at 11 pm on the 9th, actor Lee Sang-yi becomes a ‘fish doctor’.

In the broadcast that day, Lee Sang-yi spends time from the moment she opens her eyes to the evening with a water bruise (?) looking at the water in the fish tank. After that, various fish tanks and’fish’ interiors located throughout the house will appear, allowing a glimpse of his special affection.

On the other hand, Lee Sang-yi goes directly to the aquarium with an excited heart, utters exclamations in her mind, and memorizes the names of difficult fish, showing off his true love for fish. Without knowing the passing of time, focus on the sight that unfolds in front of you. It is expected to exude a pure charm like a child heading to an amusement park.

In addition, based on the practitioner accumulated over the years, all kinds of tools are used to decorate the plant by hand. Based on the know-how acquired by raising various fish, he is said to be proficient in meeting a new family, which adds to his curiosity in his daily life filled with ‘virtues’.

Lee Sang-yi, who spent time with fish all day, said, “I think these days are the happiest times.” The expectation is added to the solo life filled with only one’s own emotions.

‘Dr. Fish’ Lee Sang-yi’s daily life full of affection can be found on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ broadcasted at 11 pm on Friday the 9th.


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