‘Lottery Singer’ Kim Gura, Singers’ Psychology Reads Accurately

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The prediction team of ‘Lottery Singer’ and the relay team are adding a sense of excitement with the fun of predicting the top 6 players.

Kim Gura, Park So-Hyun, Hwang Bo-ra, Lim Chae-moo, Kim Chang-ok, Lee Lee Gyeong and the relay team’s Kim Tae-hoon and Jung Seong-ho from the broadcast team are objective It is said that singers have been listened to and released with warm comments.

Kim Gu-ra, the head of the prediction team, releases the knowledge accumulated through the music program, and predicts the top six along with comments on the homicide. In addition, when evaluating the stage of Park Seon-ju, he mentions that the two are of the same age, confesses each other’s menopause, and gains empathy by accurately penetrating the psychology based on experiences that come from reality.

Park So-hyun and Hwang Bo-ra add fun with extraordinary reactions. In the last broadcast, two people who showed off their loyalty by putting Kim Yong-jin, a husky low-pitched voice that ‘stimulates female sensibilities’, on the top six predictions, this time with the Kim Yong-jin card. It raises curiosity about showing it.

Lim Chae-moo and Kim Tae-hoon formed a consensus when they saw a stage full of passion from singers, saying, “It’s great to give fun to many people” and “I want to give you a good score in that I showed songs, dances, and even concepts in one stage with perfection.” It is said to create a warm atmosphere, raising expectations for this broadcast.

On the other hand, viewers can predict the top 6 singers they think of on the winner prediction page and make ‘winner selection’. In addition, if you scan the QR code exposed at the top of the broadcast with a smartphone camera, you can easily access the ‘Select Winner’ page.

The performance of the prediction team and the broadcast team, which are capturing viewers’ attention with generous reaction and encouragement, can be seen in MBN’s entertainment program’Life Reversal Music Game Show-Lottery Singer’, which airs at 8:55 pm on Saturday the 10th.


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