‘The Tale of a Gumiho’ Jo Bo-ah tried to kill Lee Dong-wook… A chaotic fate is expected

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“The ‘Korean style Fantasy’ we’ve been waiting for, a runaway notice!”

‘The Tale of a Gumiho’ Lee Dong-wook and Jo Bo-ah predicted a tumultuous fate with a’stroke’ ending following a shocking attack.

The second episode of tvN’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘The Tale of a Gumiho’ (played by Han Woori, director Kang Shin-hyo), broadcast on the 8th, ranked 1st in Wednesday and Thursday with an average of 6.2%, a maximum of 7%, an average of 5.6% and a maximum of 6.2% for households in the metropolitan area. In addition, the tvN target male and female 2049 viewership ratings were 4.1%, the highest 4.6%, the national average 4.3%, and the highest 4.7%. Both the metropolitan area and the whole country, including terrestrial broadcasters, ranked first in the same time zone. Continued the move. (Based on a paid platform that integrates cable, IPTV, and satellite / provided by Nielsen Korea)

On this day’s broadcast, the scandal of the Baekdu-daegan period, which Lee Yeon (played by Lee Dong-wook) was revealed, gave a foreshadowing of the fate of Lee Yeon and Nam Ji-ah (played by Jo Bo-ah). Although she loved humans, Aum died, and Lee Yeon was waiting for her reincarnation. After returning to the present, Lee Yeon, awakening from anesthesia, recalled the accident she had at Fox Pass 21 years ago and said, “’You’ is the only clue I held. Please…” he looked at with interest at Nam Ji-ah, who asked about his disappeared parents. Lee Yeon, who had doubts that Nam Ji-ah, who remembers herself 21 years ago, might be A-eum’s reincarnation, visited the dressing group (Kim Jung-nan) and asked if she could be reborn with the same face. Do not find That, again, will turn your fate upside down.”

Afterwards, Lee Yeon confirmed that Nam Ji-ah’s parents had not yet died on the list of the underworld, and Nam Ji-ah was crying after hearing this. Following this, Lee Yeon tried to break the relationship with Nam Ji-ah by saying, “The world you belong to and the world I belong to are definitely different”, but Nam Ji-ah said, “It doesn’t matter! I won’t get caught! In front of me, don’t disappear,” he begged. Lee Yeon seemed to make up his mind, “I really want to see you? “The world I live in?” and faced with Nam Ji-ah, a ghost who was hiding behind the station’s petition police. Then he said, “Go back to the world you belong to. Humans who are tamed in the dark become neither human nor anything.”

Nam Ji-ah, who saw the man’s white bone head thrown by her mother in a dream, headed directly to the scene when an incident where the real white head appeared. Lee Yeon, who came to mind Lee Rang’s words,’If you can’t find it until the next day, your woman will die’, Lee Yeon also headed to the same place to meet Lee Rang. Then,’The same ship, the same island, the woman with the same face as her… my instinct constantly talks. This combination brings out a picture of Lee Yeon and her parents taken at Jangsansagul, who made a voice of’something’s wrong’, and Nam Ji-ah’s inner heart, saying, “Here was… in my mother’s stomach, ‘Me’ too!” The ringing amplified the question of the secret island.

Afterwards, the two people spent the night in a single room guided by Pyeong-hee, Seo’s daughter, who was discovered with a white head, and showed a unique chemistry between Gumiho and humans. Nam Ji-ah said, “But you know… I have’fat liver’? “It’s chronic”, and Lee Yeon said, “I don’t even talk about that. You don’t know the Gandhistoma?” However, Lee Yeon soon said to Nam Ji-ah, who smiled brightly, “Don’t laugh. “With that face”, he conveyed the heartbreaking feeling that reminded him of A-eum, creating a feeling of regret.

The next day, after hearing reports of similar incidents on the island from 1954 from the assistant director, Nam Ji-ah was attacked by a sailor who found a white bone head chasing her with a hammer, and with the help of Lee Yeon, she escaped the crisis. However, Lee Yeon, who gave folk remedies with blades of grass picked on her shoulders, left her bleeding as it was pushed back, “It’s hot. “It’s hot and I’m going to die.” When an unknown pattern appeared on Nam Ji-ah’s shoulder, who was suffering, “What is this…” she was amazed. And Nam Ji-ah said, “It’s’I’ with an eerie smile. The one you’ve been waiting for. But you know. “Why did you kill me?” I made her freeze by striking her neck. What is the truth behind Nam Ji-ah’s anti-war behavior, which threatened Lee Yeon, is drawing attention to the future story development.

After the broadcast, the viewers said, “Lee Dong-wook and Jo Bo-ah, the tides are completely lovely! Both Lee Yeon and Nam Ji-ah are so cute!”, “This is the post-human-grade fighting taste of the Lee Dong-wook, Kim Beom and Gumi-ho brothers!” “There was no time to be bored! This is the turn of time!” “Until the end, the tension explodes! The ending restaurant was born!”, “I can’t sleep because I want to see the next episode!”, “I was really good at choosing ‘The Tale of a Gumiho’”, etc.

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘The Tale of a Gumiho’ is aired every Wednesday at 10:30 pm.


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