Yang Joon-hyuk and Park Hyun-seon co-starred in ‘Cooking Road Trip’… ’19 Years Age Gap’ Marriage Behind Story Revealed

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Yang Joon-hyuk and Park Hyun-seon will appear together in ‘Cooking Road Trip’.

On the TV CHOSUN ‘Sikgaek Heo Youngman’s Cooking Road Trip’, which airs at 8 p.m. on the 9th, ‘Yangshin’ Yang Joon-hyuk heads to Namwon, the city of Seong Chun-hyang and Lee Mong-ryong, along with Park Hyun-seon. The sweet chemistry of the two unfolds in Namwon, where the energy of love flows.

Korean baseball legend Yang Joon-hyuk finally ties a knot, after living alone for long time. The news that Yang Joon-hyuk, who said ‘I want to go to play a little more’, appears on the side of the beautiful Fiance, became a hot topic even before the broadcast.

‘Daegu man’ Yang Joon-hyuk and ‘Jeolla-do woman’ bride-to-be, did not separate their hands, making only Heo Young-man laugh. Even outside the camera, it was sticky like ‘sticky rice’, so Heo Young-man, a eater, felt loneliness, which made him laugh throughout the filming.

On this day’s broadcast, you can see a new look of ‘Tsundere’ and Yang Joon-hyuk, who cares for a reasonable fiancé as if he were indifferent. It reveals the unfamiliar (?) story that he gained a whopping 10kg of the bride by feeding them rice.

In particular, the story behind ’19-year-old age gap’ until they reach the goal of marriage will be revealed. After three months of trying to travel between Gwangju and Seoul, he was able to get permission from his fiancé’s parents. There is something that Yang Joon-hyuk directly asked his mother-in-law, “Please make sure give me ‘this’ before marriage.”

Joon-hyuk Yang and a bride in preparation for ‘Yang-shin’ in Namwon, Jeollabuk-do, full of love, can be seen on TV CHOSUN ‘Sikgaek Heo Young-man’s Cooking Road Trip’ at 8 pm on Friday the 9th.


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