‘2 o’clock Manse’ Kim Byung-hyun #Let’s play football together # Dining out business #Unique Kim…

[Eul-hee Noh, Intern Reporter, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Byung-hyun, a major leaguer, boasted a humorous talk as well as baseball skills.

In MBC’s standard FM ‘Park Joon-hyung, Jung Kyung-mi’s 2 o’clock Manse’, broadcasted on the afternoon of the 12th, commentator Kim Byung-hyun, a former major league player, appeared as a guest in the ‘Self-luminous First Seat’ corner.

On this day, DJ Park Joon-hyung introduced Kim Byung-hyun, saying, “This person took a period while walking on a single road in baseball and has now transformed into a commentator, broadcaster, and eating out businessman.” Kim Byung-hyun was a bit nervous and said, “I’m really nervous and excited because I didn’t play much radio.”

Park Joon-hyung asked Kim Byung-hyun, who is playing an active part as a soccer player in the entertainment program ‘Let’s play football together’. Kim Byung-hyun said, “It’s been about a year, and soccer is so attractive and fun. All the seniors we play with are good. The athletes take good care of each other and are sticky. Especially, it fits well with the player Yeo Hong-cheol.

Next, Park Joon-hyung asked, “Ahn Jung-hwan made a remark that seemed to regret the recruitment of Kim Byung-hyun. Do you know?” Then, Kim Byung-hyun said, “The director is a person who doesn’t usually express well. It’s a tsundere style. It’s a sound that I took care of, but it would be a stuttering sound.”

Kim Byung-hyun also explained the nickname’Unique Kim’. Kim Byung-hyun said, “I’ve spoken to a Korean referee in English while saying, “I’m hungry.” He said “No” in English, etc. He showed a strange appearance. That’s why it’s a nickname that’s been given. It’s a style. I’m not sure what’s unique.”

In addition, Kim Byung-hyun announced the news of appearing in the KBS2 entertainment program’Trot National Sports Festival’ and said, “I joined Jeolla-do as a coach. It is a program that selects players for each city. It seems that you have chosen to play a role,” he predicted of his active activities as a broadcaster.

On the other hand, Kim Byung-hyun started Taekwondo as a child, influenced by his father, who was the director of Taekwondo. He said, “I did taekwondo until I was in the 3rd grade of elementary school because of the influence of my father, who was the director of Taekwondo.”

“I vaguely thought that I was good at sports. When I was in the fourth grade of elementary school, I raised my hand and volunteered because I was in the fourth grade of elementary school,” he said. He said, “I think he has improved his skills by throwing a lot of stones underneath.”

Following that, Kim Byung-hyun also mentioned the billion-dollar down payment at the time of joining the major leagues. He said, “When I signed a contract with Arizona in 1999, I received 2.25 million dollars,” he said. “At the time, the exchange rate soared through the IMF. One dollar went from 800 to 1,900 won, and about 4 billion won.”

When Park Joon-hyung asked, “I received a lot of money in one moment, what did you think?”, Kim Byung-Hun said, “I didn’t have much interest in money. I gave all the down payments I received at that time. I sometimes joke to my father where all the money went.” I ask,” he said, and made a laugh.

After a baseball player and a broadcaster, Kim Byung-hyun, who turned into a catering business, explained how he opened a burger restaurant. He said, “Every time I go to Gwangju, Korean food is delicious but strangely different foods are regrettable. In particular, I opened a burger restaurant after consulting with the CEO of Kia Tigers, saying,’Why don’t Korean baseball fields have delicious food like the United States?”

Kim Byung-hyun said, “I currently have a sushi restaurant in the US and a burger restaurant in Korea,” and “I’m going to open a small steak shop in Seoul and Gwangju in the near future.” It was rewarding to eat deliciously,” he added.

Kim Byung-hyun, who transformed from the’Korean Express’ major leaguer to an all-around entertainer, filled the ‘2 o’clock hurray’ by releasing various episodes and baseball life.

On the other hand, Kim Byung-hyun is attracting attention by accidentally joining the FC for the JTBC entertainment program ‘Let’s play football together’ as the 2nd winner of Asia’s first major league world series.


Photo| MBC Visible Radio Capture

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