‘Amhaengeosa’ Kim Myung-soo, Kwon Nara, Lee Yi-kyung, Lee Tae-hwan, script reading ‘200% immersion’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The scene of reading the first script full of passion for ‘Secret royal inspector’ was revealed.

KBS2’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Secret royal inspector’ (director Kim Jeong-min, playbook Park Sung-hun Kang Min-seon, production iWill Media) is a secret investigator of the royal family of the Joseon Dynasty who fights corruption and relieves people’s resentment. It is an exhilarating comic mystery investigation.

The script reading site includes director Kim Jung-min, Park Seong-hun, and Kang Min-seon, as well as Kim Myung-soo (played by Seong-gyeom), Kwon Na-ra (played by Hong Da-in), Lee Yi-kyung (played by Park Chun-sam), Lee Tae-hwan (played by Sung-beom), Guide Sang (played by Jang Tae-seung), Choi Jong-won (as Kang In-chung), Son Byeong-ho (as Kim Byeong-geun), Chae Dong-hyun (as Kim Man-hee), Park Ju-hyung (as Seoyong), Shin Ji-hun (as Choi Do-gwan), Han Jae-seok (as Kang Jong-gil), Shin Ji-woo (as Mija), and Kim Ju-young (as Sawol) , Soo-min Jo (played by Soon-ae Kang), and other protagonists who will lead ‘Secret royal inspector’ gathered together.

‘Secret royal inspector’ is directed by Kim Jung-min, who is well-versed in historical dramas, such as ‘Queen: Love and War’, ‘Grand Prince’, ‘Gunman in Joseon’, ‘The Princess’ Man’, and ‘Korean Ghost Stories’. As an unfolding work, the expectations of drama fans are soaring.

Director Kim Jung-min said, “I will do my best to make my work, hoping for a healthy finish from the start to the end of the filming,” and gathered attention with a thoughtful impression of the actors and production crew. “It is an honor to be with great actors,” said Kang Min-seon, who co-authored with author Park Sung-hoon and the couple. I will try to the end to write a great work,” and received hot applause.

As the script reading began in earnest, the actors quickly immersed themselves in the roles they took on and made a perfect breath. Despite his first acting breath, he showed realistic acting as if he had returned to the Joseon Dynasty on a time machine, raising the expectation for the drama.

Kim Myung-soo of the title role Secret royal inspector ‘Sung-gyeom’ caught the eye with the charm of transforming from Hong Mun-gwan Busu-chan, who lives only today without ambition, and transferred to the role at once. Kwon Na-ra showed off the face of ‘Hong Da-in’, the best gisaeng of Joseon who kept an unspeakable secret, and at the same time raised the energy of the field by appealing to Damo’s girl crush charm. The two announced the birth of a comic mystery investigation by boasting a fantasy chemistry with a synchro rate attached to the character.

In addition, Lee Yi-kyung took on the role of Park Chun-sam, who supplemented the Secret royal inspector Seong-gyeom (played by Kim Myung-soo), and focused his attention by making the scene a sea of laughter with his appeal, eloquence and fun with his own charm, including his eyes, tone, and atmosphere. Lee Tae-hwan, who plays his younger brother Seong-beom, predicted that he would reveal his heavy presence in the play with his intense eyes and lines.

In addition, the charismatic reading of Choi Jong-won and Son Byeong-ho, who have over 100 years of acting experience in combination, overwhelmed the atmosphere and added the weight of the drama. In the drama, the guide statue decomposes the role of Do Seung-ji and Jang Tae-seung, who selects Seong-gyeom as Secret royal inspector, Choi Jong-won plays the role of Kang In-chung, the leader of the village without blood or tears, and Son Byeong-ho is decomposed into Young Eui-jeong and Kim Byeong-geun.

As such, the script reading of ‘Secret royal inspector’ cleared the time by showing synergy between the exciting script and the perfect breath of the actors. ‘Secret royal inspector’ with a pleasant start is already exciting the hearts of prospective viewers.

‘Secret royal inspector’, which will provide catharsis by breaking through the tightly packed inside, will be broadcast in December.


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