‘K-Trot in Town 2′ Hong Won-bin seizes 1st place in real swords… ’20 years of obscurity’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Hong Won-bin took over the real-time search word through ‘K-Trot in Town 2’ and imprinted its presence in the public.

Hong Won-bin appeared on the SBS entertainment program ‘K-Trot in Town 2-Last Chance’ and attracted viewers to his own stage. Hong Won-bin, who first appeared as a participant of Jin Sung’s team in the first round contest aired on September 23, revealed that he is the only participant in his 50s, the oldest, and a middle-sized singer who has been active as a trot singer for 20 years, and the judges were also surprised by Hong Won-bin’s appearance.

Hong Won-bin said, “I worked as a model and also as a singer, but I was nervous and nervous as if I was on my debut stage. It was not an easy choice to appear on the audition. I am sorry that the participants are all juniors. Nevertheless, the reason I decided to appear is that the public does not know my existence even though I have been a singer for a long time, so I wondered if I could be satisfied as a singer that the public did not know.”

Hong Won-bin, who decided to appear with courage for his family who supports him as the head of the family, selected Baeho’s ‘Who is Crying’, and the standing ovation of his juniors with the perfect visuals from the model, a profound low-pitched tone, and a stage manner with years of age. And, many viewers supported him on the internet. In response, Jin Sung judged, “If you sing, you can sing, and if you have a face, you are a participant.”

After the first round contest was finished, the situation of having to select the dropouts from the Jin Sung team with many high scores continued, and Hong Won-bin was called as a dropout and was in crisis, but received Jin Sung’s Next Stage card and got a chance for the next round.

On the 2nd round stage, which aired on the 7th, Hong Won-bin’s unique transformation stood out. Hong Won-bin, who was well received for his profound charm like ‘Trot Gentleman’ in the last broadcast, surprised everyone by appearing in a suit with brilliant colors and patterns. Hong Won-bin said, “After hearing the news that I had passed the first round, our representative went around the whole town to find a cloth and made a suit. In the case of shoes, he said, “I bought white sneakers and made it myself,” he said and thanked the agency.

Hong Won-bin, who came to sing Jang Yoon-jung’s song in the second round, fell into trouble with the pitch range problem. Hong Won-bin, who sang a song by a female singer who is difficult to express her strength, solid bass, said, “I want to show the public a new charm,” and chose Jang Yoon-jung’s ‘Casanova’. ‘Casanova’ is a song that Jang Yoon-jung has never sung on stage, and heralded a difficult challenge.

Hong Won-bin boldly escaped from the existing image. The passionate performance, stage manners, and intense singing skills that were presented in accordance with the concept of’Casanova’ continued to be well received by legend judges. In particular, the glamorous performance unfolded with the jacket in the middle of the stage imprinted Hong Won-bin’s unconventional image.

After finishing the stage, Hong Won-bin was satisfied with “It’s too easy” and Jang Yoon-jung said, “Honestly, I thought it would be difficult to complete in two weeks because the song was so difficult, but I digested it perfectly. If today’s result is okay and you like the song, it would be nice to contact the composer and take this song.” Nam Jin said, “I should have looked like this from the beginning. I really didn’t know that there was such a singing method, appearance, voice, and style. It was really a twist. I hope to be reborn with a wonderful look in the future.”

However, Hong Won-bin was eliminated because he could not fill only 2% before passing the LAN line screening. Hong Won-bin said, “I am grateful that 68% of the audience support me. I am so happy right now,” and Jang Yoon-jung said, “It’s so cool to do my best to the end. He comforted Hong Won-bin, saying, “He was an older brother than me, and he watched with respect.” After Hong Won-bin was eliminated, Kim Yeon-ja comforted Jang Yoon-jung and said, “It is development just that Hong Won-bin transformed to come out here. I will do well because I have gained strength and a way in the future. He dances really well. I was surprised,” and made me look forward to the new beginning of Hong Won-bin.

The reaction of viewers to Hong Won-bin’s elimination was also hot. Despite being a short two-week appearance, Hong Won-bin was featured in real-time search terms every time the stage was over, and immediately after the broadcast of ‘Who is crying’ sang by Hong Won-bin, he ranked first in real-time search terms, and ‘Casanova’ also ranked 4th. Showed. After Hong Won-bin’s regrettable elimination was confirmed, “I saw Hong Won-bin again” and “It was a perfect stage where I could not understand why it fell. I became a fan of Hong Won-bin.”

Hong Won-bin proved his ability and intense topic not to be pushed by his juniors, such as being on the real-time search word despite his short appearance for two weeks, and drew sympathy and support from the public. Even though he is the oldest of the participants, Hong Won-bin’s sincerity, who took a bold challenge without being afraid of a challenge, conveyed a bleak impression to the public.


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