Lee Eun-hyeong X Nucksal, brothers and sisters who met in ‘Cultwo Show’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Lee Eun-hyeong and rapper Nucksal have verified their resemblance.

On the 12th, the official Instagram of ‘2’o clock Escape Cultwo Show’ said, “I received a text message from Kang Jae-jun. #Ding #Confused #Lee Eun-hyung #Nucksal #Finally met #Continue praising each other’s appearances

In the released photos, Lee Eun-hyeong and Nucksal are depicted. The appearance of two famous doppelgangers of the entertainment industry together attracts attention, especially because they boast of similar appearances, which makes them laugh.

On the other hand, Lee Eun-hyung and Nucksal appeared as guests in the ‘Culture to Escape from Dusi Show’. On this day, Lee Eun-hyung admired Nucksal, “I saw him for the first time since I was born, and he looked the same as my youngest uncle.” Nucksal also replied, “I have three older sisters, and they are the same as the first one. I feel so familiar.”

Meanwhile, Lee Eun-hyung married fellow comedian Kang Jae-joon in 2017 and is currently appearing in JTBC entertainment ‘Can’t be No. 1’.

Nucksal debuted through the EP album of the hip-hop duo Future Heaven in 2009. She appeared in the rapper contest Mnet ‘Show Me the Money’ and ‘High School Rapper’, and is currently appearing on tvN ‘Amazing Saturday-Doremi Market’.


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