‘Lonely Enough to Love’ Ji Hyun-woo and Kim So-eun, forehead → cheek → lips

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‘Lonely Enough to Love’ Ji Hyun-woo and Kim So-eun’s previous kissing scenes are revealed.

On the 13th, the final episode of MBC Every1’s original drama ‘Lonely Enough to Love’ The two protagonists Cha Kang-woo (played by Ji Hyun-woo) and Lee Na-eun (played by Kim So-eun) who have turned a long way to look at each other are waiting with excitement, wondering what the romance will end.

Particular attention is drawn to the love scenes that Cha Kang-woo and Lee Na-eun will show because they boast a perfect romance chemistry, such as a fluttering height difference, a friendly look, and a cute smile. In addition, the production crew of ‘Lonely Enough to Love’ was confident that it was a’heart bombardment’ drama before the broadcast. Accordingly, it is expected that the romantic scenes of Kang-woo Cha and Lee Na-eun will pour out in the final episode.

In the midst of this, on the 12th, the production crew of ‘Lonely Enough to Love’ revealed the kissing scene of Cha Kang-woo and Lee Na-eun. It is a scene of the final meeting that will be broadcast on the 13th. In the photo, Cha Kang-woo and Lee Na-eun are sitting face to face in the library of ‘Happy Together’ in the shared house. A man and woman facing each other in a dark night, in a faint lighting, and a limited space. A romantic atmosphere, which seems to be sparking at any moment, surrounds the two main characters.

Particularly eye-catching is the dizzying touch of the two. In the first picture, Cha Kang-woo approaches Lee Na-eun, who carefully closed her eyes, and kisses her forehead. In the second picture, on the contrary, Lee Na-eun embraces Cha Kang-woo’s face and kisses his cheek. The two people who kissed each other like that once were kissing each other in the last picture.

The shooting site of the scene was released at MBC’s ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’, which was broadcast recently, and collected an explosive topic. The appearance of the two actors and production crew, who meticulously prepared from the rehearsal to complete the romantic scene, and the interstitial atmosphere of the filming site caused viewers’ curiosity. It is expected how the topical kiss scene will be drawn on the main broadcast.

Two men and women, Cha Kang-woo and Lee Na-eun, turned a long way and looked at each other. The two actors Ji Hyun-woo and Kim So-eun boast the most advanced romance chemistry. MBC Every1’s original drama ‘Lonely Enough to Love’ The final episode will be aired at 10:50 pm on the 13th.


Photo courtesy| MBC Every1 ‘Lonely Enough to Love’

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