‘Shall we talk?’ Novelist Kim Young-ha and Lyricist Kim Eana, elegant chatter ‘Intellect Chemie’

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

The elegant chatter of novelists Kim Young-ha and Kim Ea-na is revealed.

In the Tuesday corner of ‘Kakao TV Morning’, which will be unveiled at 7 am on the coming 13th, ‘Shall we talk?’, a natural storyteller, author Kim Young-ha, presents a unique interview. In addition to the novels and essays I wrote, I am looking forward to the stories to be unraveled by Kim Young-Ha, who works as a traveler and communicates with the public through various broadcasts and lectures.

This interview, held in an atmosphere on the rooftop of a cafe in front of writer Kim Young-ha’s alma mater, in the early autumn evening when the cool breeze blows, is expected to fascinate viewers with the extraordinary intelligence chemistry of Kim Ea-na, a writer who writes and lyrics writer Kim Young-ha. The two people, who seem to be doing different creative activities as a medium, form a consensus by talking openly about questions about each other’s jobs, how to get inspiration, writing style, etc., and even give unexpected laughter through a new word confrontation. plan. In addition, Kim Young-ha, who is inspired by traveling around the world, confesses that he is unlikely to be able to travel recently, and introduces his own ways of spending daily life. It is expected that you will be able to discover the warm and different aspects of the artist Young-ha Kim by revealing small daily stories along with photos in the photo album, such as gardening that unusual plants such as Shine Muscat and avocado are growing, or stories with street cats.

In particular, the host Kim Ea-na, who has formed a unique chemistry with any chatter viewer, is expected to capture the attention by revealing a very different appearance in this interview with the novelist. She, who always comfortably elicits and listens to the other person’s story, showed her fan spirit with a bright smile when writer Kim Young-ha shared a heart-pounding quote or showed an unexpected appearance. While listening to the story of author Kim Young-ha, he is planning to stimulate viewers’ emotions with a more sincere appearance than ever, such as confessing the trauma that occurred during his school days.

‘Shall we talk?’, which predicts a variety of fun from warm laughter to overwhelming emotions through’classy chat’ with artist Kim Young-ha, through a new format called KakaoTalk interview, the exchange of subtle tension and subtle emotions flowing even in the midst of a wordlessness. It draws delicately and snipes the emotions of the 1530 younger generation who are more comfortable than words. It is released on Kakao TV every Tuesday at 7am.


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