‘Ask Anything’ Hong Seok-cheon “I’ve been emotionally hurt by a groundless rumor that I had sexual relationship with 300 people in my teenage”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Hong Seok-cheon confessed his heartbreaking memories with a testament in the past.

Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon appeared in KBS Joy’s entertainment show ‘Ask Anything’ that aired on the 12th and shared concerns.

On this day, Hong Seok-cheon recalled the memories of attending a lecture at a university in the past, and said, “During the Q&A session, students asked me a question of the ideal type, so I answered that the men in the movie ‘300’ are cool.”

“Lastly, a student asked, ‘How many times have you had sex?’ and friends around me booed. I was afraid that the student would be embarrassed, so I talked about the movie ‘300’ I mentioned earlier, I jokingly said, ‘Shall I answer 300 for your question?’ I solved it,” he explained.

“By the way, there was an intern reporter there, and I made an article about it,” said Hong Seok-cheon, “I said, ‘I was worried about my gender identity when I was in middle school’, but I wrote an article saying ‘I had sex with 300 people in middle school.’ I was wondering, but I believed it all,” he expressed his resentment. He added, “At the time, not only me, but also my family was hurt.”

Lee Soo-geun advised, “I decided to believe only what I see. No one swears at Lee Soo-geun when passing through the road. I wish I could only see that and believe.”


Photo| KBS Joy broadcast screen capture

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