Kim Jo Kwang-soo “We will follow COVID-19 guidelines while holding SIPFF”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘SIPFF’ Executive Chairman Jo Kwang-soo Kim expressed his feelings about hosting the film festival offline.

On the morning of the 13th, the 2020 Seoul International Pride Film Festival (SIPFF) press conference was held at Art9 Outdoor Terrace in Seoul. Executive Chairman Kim Jo Kwang-soo, Programmer Kim Seung-Hwan, and Representative Kim Young-ah of Migrant for Asia Peace attended. Actor Lee Hong-nae, Jeong Hwi, Kang Jung-woo, Kwak Min-gyu and Yeom Moon-gyeong were with the closing film’Made in Rooftop’.

Kim Jo Kwang-soo said, “Due to the COVID-19 this year, many film festivals canceled offline screenings, screened online, or canceled film festivals. We have decided to hold the film festival offline as before and are preparing well as the current situation has improved a little.”

“If the COVID-19 worsens, there may be situations that are different from what we prepare for, but we expect that it will not. We are preparing well with such expectations. In order to run the festival well, you need to prepare well. He stressed that “we are preparing for the festival so that audiences waiting for the festival can enjoy the festival without worry.”

Also, Kim Jo Kwang-soo said, “We have no choice but to welcome the movie with a slightly different feeling from usual, but we are trying to do it as usual. As we reached the 10th this year, we tried to prepare the festival with a much richer feeling, but that was not possible. However, this year’s scale has increased compared to last year. The number of screenings increased. This year’s screening hall will also be using all five halls of CGV Myeongdong Station. The scale is a little bigger. I wanted to make a fun festival, but I can’t do that because of the Corona 19 situation. We are expanding our scale a little and doing a little better.”

The Seoul International Pride Film Festival, Korea’s largest LGBTQ film festival and a culture and arts festival that everyone can enjoy, will be held from November 5th to 11th at CGV Myeongdong Station Cine Library.

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