Monsta X, Lee Hyo-ri, followed by ‘Face ID’ sortie… Smartphone daily release [Official]

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy group Monsta X will be the second runner of ‘Face ID’.

Kakao TV’s original web entertainment ‘Face ID’ announced on the 26th that the global idol group ‘Monsta X’ will be released on daily smartphones.

‘FACE ID’ is a new concept mobile life reality that peeks into their daily life through the star’s smartphone, and Lee Hyo-ri came out from last September to reveal the splendid appearance of the superstar to the unaffected daily life, creating a topic.

Monsta X, the second performer, is a popular idol group that has built up a global fandom, capturing the hearts of fans around the world with unique music and intense and powerful performances for each album released after their debut in 2015. Monsta X, which has been growing into a global group by successfully holding three world tour concerts since 2017, has released its first full US album ‘ALL ABOUT LUV’ earlier this year, including #5 on the Billboard main album chart, Billboard 200. It achieved remarkable achievements such as entering the top 10 on a total of 7 charts including Artist 100. In June, after successfully completing the activity of ‘FANTASIA’, the title song of ‘FANTASIA X’, an event by Time magazine in the United States. The boy band participated in ‘TIME100 Talks’ as the only performers, and Minhyuk and Shownu recently released a duet song’Hebrew A Good Night’ and received the spotlight of the US economic magazine Forbes.

Through a total of 4 episodes, MONSTA X reveals the smartphones that Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M. are all actually using and their daily lives through them. Since they are mobile-friendly idol members, they will be able to get closer to their real life through smartphone applications such as cameras and social media that they usually use. It is expected that you will be able to meet all the ‘new charms’, from the gorgeous appearance outside the stage to the members’, such as innocent moments and childlike moments, and Chemi in their honest everyday life. In particular, as a member’individual’, not as Monsta X, each individual’s favorite music, communication with friends and fans, a way to enjoy a break, etc., each different lifestyle and personality will also be revealed as it is, and will add more fun.

Furthermore, Monsta X, which is about to comeback on November 2nd, will also disclose the process of preparing for the comeback through’Face ID’, so fans’ expectations are rising even more.

The production team of ‘Face ID’ said, “Since we are a generation that lives almost all of our daily lives with smartphones, through Monsta X’s smartphone life, not only their everyday lives that are unaffected and honest than ever, but also different personalities, charms, and lifestyles between members We will provide fresh fun, laughter, and empathy by releasing them intact.” The official asked for expectations for the first release of ‘Face ID’ Monsta X on the 26th.

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