‘Morning Yard’ Shin In-seon “Shin Ki-cheol, my late uncle is my first fan”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Morning Yard’ Shin In-seon mentioned the late father, singer Shin Ki-cheol, and his father Shin In-seon, a former lawmaker.

In KBS1’s ‘Morning Yard’, which aired on the 13th, singer Seol Woon-do and Shin In-seon appeared as guests.

Regarding the relationship with Shin In-seon, Seol Woon-do said, “Senior Shin Ki-cheol, the eldest father of Shin In-seon, sang. I did a lot of activities with me, and they liked me a lot. I didn’t know he was Shin Ki-cheol’s niece. I was invited to my personal YouTube broadcast, but as I was talking, I was very happy to say that Shin Ki-cheol is a senior nephew. “Senior Ki-cheol Shin died while appearing in’Mr. Trot’.”

Shin In-seon said of his eldest father Shin Ki-cheol, “I told you that I was going out when preparing for the qualifying round, but since the time of the contest, I lost consciousness and died without seeing my results. “I didn’t say it because my mother and father and Seol Woon-do were saying that it was against the purpose of the contest to say that he was Shin Ki-cheol’s nephew when he was a legend.”

In addition, when a story about his father Shin Ki-nam, a former member of the National Assembly, came out, Shin In-seon said, “Before my father became a member of the National Assembly, he worked as a lawyer at the broadcasting station. My dad would have wanted me to do that too. I was also the chairman of the elementary, middle and high school student council and studied hard. He said that if he worked hard, he would do what he wanted to do, but he didn’t keep his promise so he left the house in high school.”

“I joined the Department of Politics and Diplomacy, and while living as a politician’s son, I wanted to not live that way. I wanted to follow my eldest father. I wanted to resemble my eldest father. I was affected a lot. I wanted to look free and look great. As my older brother and sister walked down the path of a lawyer, I said that I wanted to do something. I went out and took an entrance exam, studied alone, and entered the art university as a senior.”

In addition, Shin In-seon said, “They are my best fans. I’ve been an unpopular singer for a long time, but I’m sorry and thankful that I don’t need pocket money. When I was a musical actor, I got paid.”


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