Sam Kim “Thanks to Logan of ‘Fake Man 2’, I got courage” (‘Cheolpa M’)

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

In a radio show ‘Cheolpa M’, Sam Kim expressed his gratitude to Logan of ‘Fake Man 2’.

Sam Kim, who appeared in the YouTube content ‘Fake Man 2’, appeared in SBS Power FM ‘Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM’ (hereinafter ‘Cheolpa M’)broadcast on the 13th.

Sam Kim retired from school after episode 3 of ‘Fake Man 2’, which was recently released. However, the dramatic bromance with Assistant Logan, who showed in the process of overcoming the three times withdrawal from school, received a great response.

Sam Kim recalled the time of filming and said, “I didn’t even remember until I watched the video. Each episode, shown on ‘Fake Man 2’ remind me of my memories with Logan. I wanted to take a rest because it was so hard physically.”

Instructor Logan, who directed Bromance, said, “You pushed me a lot while thinking about me, but in the end I gave up and struck the bell.” Thank you very much.”

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