Two netizens who left malicious comments against Yoo Sang-moo in compensation for 500,000 won

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

The court ruled in compensation for each 500,000 won to two netizens who made malicious comments (bad comments) to comedian Yoo Sang-moo.

On the 13th, Financial News reported that according to the legal community, the Seoul Central District Court Civil 37 exclusive Deputy Judge Jang Chan made this ruling in a lawsuit against two online trolls.

According to reports, on November 9, 2017, A, an online troll who left hate speech against Yoo Sang-moo, posted a bad comment saying, “I sincerely hope the last medical care for cancer means the end of your life” in an article titled “Yoo Sang-moo, the last anti-cancer drug, the last road in life”.

On November 7 of the same year, Mr. B wrote a malicious comment, saying, “How can you meet an asshole like Yoo Sang-moo?” in an article titled “Yoo Sang-moo’s lover Kim OO was shocked”.

In response, Yoo Sang-moo said, “A and B, who are unknown to each other, were severely insulted by posting primary swear words on an Internet bulletin board that anyone can see, and suffered extreme mental pain.” It filed a lawsuit for alimony of 3 million won.

In response, the court ruled in favor of some of the plaintiffs and raised the hand of Yoo Sang-moo. The judge said, “It is clear that the defendants’ comments must have caused the plaintiffs suffering from cancer mentally. Therefore, the defendants are obligated to do this in money.” The defendants must pay 500,000 won for alimony to the plaintiff, taking into account the degree of mental pain that they would have suffered and the age of the plaintiff and the defendants.
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