‘Ahn Jung-hwan’s wife’ Lee Hye-won “I don’t regret living in a foreign country for my husband and son”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Ahn Jung-hwan’s wife, Lee Hye-won, revealed her life in Singapore with her son, Li-hwan.

On the 14th, Lee Hye-won posted a picture on her Instagram with the article “Thank you, Li-hwan, for the picture I took without knowing it.”

In the released photo, Lee Hye-won spends a leisurely time at a cafe. The beauty of Lee Hye-won from Miss Korea shines in the daily photos wearing a comfortable T-shirt. Her expression suggests a happy life with her son. Lee Hye-won is currently staying in Singapore to study abroad for his son, Li-hwan.

One netizen who saw the photo commented, “It’s not just a life that relies only on your husband, but a life you live as the main agent. It’s wonderful. I support you from far away from America.”

In response, Lee Hye-won said, “Someone lives a foreign life for her half-life husband, and now for her children. If I live so meaninglessly, I asked if my self-esteem would be lowered. Aren’t I sorry to myself. When I heard that, I looked back at me. But even when I was born again, I didn’t regret it. , If you have to make the same choice, I will do that.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hye-won married Ahn Jung-hwan, a football player in 2001, and has one son and one daughter.


Photo| Hyewon Lee SNS

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