Charismatic Girls ‘SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS’, released on October 21 [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

The film ‘SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS’ (director Jongpil Lee) was released on October 21st.

‘SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS’ has been in the company for 8 years in 1995, and has a veteran work ability, but always fail to promote. This film tells the story of three friends who are listening to the company’s TOEIC class together to discover the corruption committed by the company.

Ja-young (Go A-sung), Yuna (Lee Som), and Bo-ram (Park Hye-soo), who have different personalities from taste to personality, meet as a motive for joining Samjin Group and rely on each other in a company life with no place to lean on.

Then, about the company’s unauthorized wastewater discharge incident that she discovered by chance, Ja-young thought that she could not go over it, and she secretly shared information in the bathroom with Yuna and Bo-ram, trying to investigate the company’s corruption. In order to find out a clue to this incident, the stills of three friends who ask for information from a colleague in another department, with an irresistible glance, are curious about their perfect breath.

Individuality and charm stand out from each other. In addition, the story of Go A-sung, Lee Som, and Park Hye-soo, united by solid acting skills, were broken down into three friends who were at the end of their 8th year of joining the company and confront the company with friendship, solidarity, and the courage to not give up. ‘SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS’ will be screened on October 21st.

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