‘Do You Like Brahms?’ Park Eun-bin and Kim Min-jae declare farewell “I’m not happy”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Do you like Brahms?’ Something to burst has burst. Park Eun-bin declared a tearful farewell to Kim Min-jae.

The SBS drama ‘Do you like Brahms?’ broadcast on the 13th was decorated with the subtitle ‘Ah Tempo: Return to the original speed’. Chae Song-ah (Park Eun-bin) was tired of his anxious and shaking heart, and said goodbye to Park Joon-young (Kim Min-jae). The 14 episodes of the two’s ‘break up ending’ recorded 6.2% (Part 2), and the highest rating at the moment Soared to 6.9%. (Based on Nielsen Korea’s metropolitan area)

On this day, Park Joon-young struggled to delete the sound source of his performance song ‘Träumerei’, which was stolen by Professor Yoo Tae-jin (played by Ju Seok-tae). What made Park Joon-young more dizzy than that his performance was stolen was that the song was ‘Träumerei’. ‘Träumerei’ is a song that Park Joon-young played like a habit while thinking of Lee Jung-gyeong (Park Ji-hyun) in the past.

On the day when the practice didn’t go well, Park Joon-young cleared his mind in Professor Yoo Tae-jin’s room and struck ‘Träumerei’, which was recorded and fell into Yoo’s hand. Now, to Park Joon-young, ‘Träumerei’ did not have a special meaning, but Park Joon-young was worried that Chae Song-ah would be misunderstood and hurt. I didn’t want Chae Song-ah to know this, and the idea that he had to turn off the music quickly made him impatient.

Meanwhile, Chae Song-ah met Lee Jung-gyeong in front of Park Joon-young’s house and was confused. I asked Park Joon-young whether Lee Jung-gyeong was in front of the house that day, but Park Joon-young simply said “I’m sorry” without giving Chae Song-ah the answer he wanted. Chae Song-ah said, “Why do you keep saying sorry? When I met Jun-young, I don’t know why I’m alone and I have to do that.”

It was not Park Joon-young’s intention, but his anxious actions hurt Chae Song-ah. In a difficult situation just by breaking up with the violin, Chae Song-ah just wanted to be comforted, but he got more tired. Meanwhile, Chae Song-ah heard the story of Park Joon-young’s sound source theft and ‘Träumerei’ from Lee Jung-gyeong. Lee Jung-gyeong told a story that Park Joon-young had not heard.

Chae Song-ah finally declared farewell to Park Joon-young. I wanted to do well with both the violin and Park Joon-young, but Chae Song-ah realized that there were things that couldn’t be done only with a liking heart. Chae Song-ah said, “I feel like everything is messed up because of my heart being swung by Jun-young. “I want to go back to a time when my heart was less anxious than I am now, a time when I was walking well alone even when I was hard and hurt, at least I knew where I was walking.”

Chae Song-ah spoke to Park Joon-young, who told him to lean on him. “It’s hard for me to love Joon-young. I’m not happy.” With that, Park Joon-young could no longer hold Chae Song-ah. It rained sadly like the hearts of two people, and Park Joon-young handing an umbrella to Chae Song-ah and Chae Song-ah’s ‘tear ending’ as he walked with the umbrella he gave him finished.

‘Do you like Brahms?’ is running towards the end. I like the meeting between Chae Song-ah and Park Joon-young, which began with empathy and comfort, but I greeted the breakup with an anxious mind. Will Cha Song-ah and Park Joon-young meet again? What will the end of the growth of the two people’s music and love? Viewers cheer for those suffering from painful growth pains, and ‘Do you like Brahms?’ I have no choice but to watch the remaining two episodes.

Meanwhile, ‘Do you like Brahms?’ is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10 pm.


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