‘Law of the Jungle’ side “Edit Captain Lee Geun? Under discussion” [Official]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Law of the Jungle’ side expressed its position as “debating” on the editorial theory of Captain Lee Geun, a’fake man’ who was surrounded by various suspicions.

On the 14th, E-Daily Starin reported that SBS entertainment program ‘Law of the Jungle’ had set an internal policy to edit the amount of Lee Geun’s appearance. Lieutenant Lee Geun recently filmed ‘Law of the Jungle’ with Gary, Yoon Eun-hye, and Heo Kyung-hwan.

In this regard, an official of the ‘Law of the Jungle’ told Maeil Economic Daily Star Today, “(with respect to editing) there is no finalization. It is a matter under discussion.

Captain Lee Geun, a former Naval Special Warfare Force (UDT) who gained popularity as a YouTube content ‘Fake Man’, was recently exposed to various suspicions by YouTuber Kim Yong-ho. Through YouTube, Kim Yong-ho claimed that Captain Lee’s UN career was false and raised suspicion of sexual harassment.

In relation to the alleged sexual harassment, Lee Geun said, “In 2018, the harassment case in public places and clubs was punished,” and “I did not commit any harassment. And to find out, I appealed to the end with my will.”

The suspicion of false UN careers was refuted by revealing his UN passport, and he also sued Kim Yong-ho for obstruction of work, defamation, and dissemination of false information under the Information and Communication Network Act. The complaint is reportedly accompanied by a refutation document for alleging that the fact of working at the United Nations (UN) was false.

Meanwhile, Captain Lee Geun was active as a training instructor on YouTube’s’Fake Man’ and became famous by creating buzzwords such as’Do you have a personality problem?’ and’○○ Is individualism’. Recently, he emerged as a hot star by appearing in various entertainment shows such as MBC ‘Radio Star’, SBS ‘All The Butlers’, and JTBC ‘Genreman Comedy’.


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