‘My Hometown at 6’ Shin Sung X No Ji Hoon X Hwang Yoon Seong X Kim Kyung Min X Kim Joong Yeon, Trot Concert for Farmers

[Intern reporter Eul-hee Noh on Daily Economy Star Today]

Singers Shin Sung, No Ji-hoon, Hwang Yoon-seong, Kim Kyung-min, and Kim Joong-yeon held a trot concert for farmers in Chungcheongnam-do.

On KBS1TV’s ‘My Hometown at 6′, aired on the 14th, a five-beat trot concert begins with singer No Ji-hoon, trotdol Hwang Yoon-seong, and last minute Kim Kyung-min, and passion intern Kim Joong-yeon.

Singers said they practiced from the day before to conduct a four-beat concert. Shin Sung, who has been reborn as a national superstar, was in charge of the concert, but it was said that they looked busier than when he was working on singing or performing. It raises the question of whether it will be possible to lead the four-beat concert smoothly.

All five singers’ singing skills are outstanding. However, only two people can choose their dancing skills: Trotdol Hwang Yoon-seong and passion intern Kim Joong-yeon. There was a sparkling dance battle between two people from idols, and the two show off their resolutely reassuring and powerful moves to the song ‘Chinya’. Viewers are looking forward to a dance battle between the two who surprised the elderly.

After the joyful dance battle was over, Kim Kyung-min, the youngest boy, caught the attention of the elderly at once. Kim Kyung-min uses a technique that ‘listens and releases’ the hearts of the audience with his unique loud voice and skillful stage manners.

The final stage of the four-beat concert, which was heated with the trot song of the youngest boy Kim Kyung-min, is decorated by No Ji-hoon, the beauty center. No Ji-hoon’s song that melts the hearts of mothers and moisturizes the autumn night will be released on KBS1TV ‘My Hometown at 6’ on the 14th at 6 pm.


Photo courtesy| ‘My hometown at 6’

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