Online performance ‘ROUND 2020’ held in December with 10 global countries [official]

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The ‘Online performance of all-time’ with 10 global countries will land in Korea in December.

‘ROUND 2020’ hosted by KBS and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 10 ASEAN countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam / in alphabetical order) and the ASEAN Secretariat will be held on December 6th.

‘ROUND 2020’ was planned with the aim of connecting Korea and ASEAN countries with music as universal languages, exchanging cultures, and strengthening solidarity.

In particular, by expanding the cooperative relationship between Korea and ASEAN countries, which is oriented in the economic field, to music, it provides a place for communication and cultural exchange between young generations of each country, and resolves side effects of the unilateral Korean Wave centered on K-pop idols and music networks between these countries. It is a project where construction is the key.

‘ROUND 2020’, supported by the ‘ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund’ contributed by the Korean government, was originally planned as a festival in which musicians and audiences from 10 ASEAN countries gathered together to share the culture of each country. After several difficulties due to the coronavirus, it was decided to proceed in a streaming format of ‘online’ where viewers from all over the world can watch the performance in real time. ‘ROUND 2020′ is the first global online music festival held by 10 ASEAN countries.

The’ROUND 2020′ festival, in which talented musicians of various genres from 10 ASEAN countries and more than 20 teams of top musicians in Korea participate, is the national pop band Daybreak, festival recruitment 0-ranked band Soran, Korean music and ethnic meet Song Sohee with 2nd month, JTBC’Super Band’ winning team, Hopi Polar, etc., were revealed as the first lineup.

Music fans who usually enjoy offline concert halls may feel a bit disappointed by the current online streaming performances, where communication is relatively insufficient. ‘ROUND 2020′ is a participatory festival that not only builds a more intimate relationship with the artist-audience, but also allows audiences from all over the world who are connected in real time to share comments on the performance and directly’sell’ the artists they love. It will provide a different experience to communicate.

The ‘Global Online Support Audience’ to be selected through prior application can be viewed at VIP ZONE. The appearance of the audience entering the online VIP Zone is also shown to the musicians performing on the stage, and is expected to be decorated with the same stage as the actual audience entered the venue. Limited goods will be provided to global online support audiences, and applications for participation will be processed through’ROUND 2020′ SNS and homepage in the future.

‘ROUND 2020′ will be broadcast through KBS1’All That Music’, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. ‘All That Music’ is a live music broadcast that started broadcasting in KBS Chuncheon in 2010 and has been broadcast nationwide since 2012, introducing talented musicians of various genres.

Producer of’ROUND 2020′ KBS Kook-chan Hwang said, “From the beginning of last year, it was planned for music exchange with 10 ASEAN countries, but now it has changed into a more meaningful festival to overcome the Covid-19 that hit the world in January. As the performance dates are delayed several times from June and October to December, the production crew is planning to create an unprecedented festival by concentrating all their capabilities.”

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