‘Playing Sister’ Nam Hyun-hee “I’m happy after retirement, running a fencing academy”

[Intern reporter Eul-hee Noh on Daily Economy Star Today]

Nam Hyun-hee, a former national fencing team member, revealed his current situation after retirement.

The E-channel entertainment program ‘Playing Sister’, which aired on the 13th, was decorated as a daily stand special, and features of Park Se-ri, Nam Hyun-hee, Han Yu-mi, Kim Eun-hye, Kwak Min-jeong, and Jeong Yu-in who challenged cooking. On this day, national fencing representatives Koo Bon-gil and Kim Joon-ho appeared as the first guests of Pocha, making the hearts of the older sisters flutter with handsome visuals that look like actors.

When Koo Bon-gil and Kim Joon-ho presented their teammate Nam Hyun-hee with a saber sword for the game and asked about the situation, Nam Hyun-hee replied, “I recently opened a fencing academy.”

Koo Bon-gil confided in his heart, saying, “In fact, I am worried about my life after retirement.” Then, Nam Hyun-hee answered, “It can be, but I am a fencing player for 26 years, so I am very happy now.” She said she is satisfied with her life after retirement.

Next, Nam Hyun-hee added, “If I look back now, I will never be able to live again like when I was a player. After retiring, I thought I was a frog in a well.”

Meanwhile, ‘Playing Sister’, a group of female sports stars, is broadcast every Tuesday at 8:30 pm.


Photo|Capture of E-channel broadcasting screen

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