‘Seoul House’ today (14th) first broadcast, three points of watching

[Intern reporter Eul-hee Noh on Daily Economy Star Today]

Prior to the first broadcast, ‘Seoul House’ revealed three points of watching.

JTBC’s first broadcast on the 14th, ‘There is no home in Seoul’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Seoul House’), is a program that reflects on the essence of the forgotten ‘home’ and leaves in search of the dream house that each person cherishes. Leaving Seoul, where many have difficulty in purchasing a house due to the prohibitive house fee, ‘Seoul House’ explore the homes of people living in the country while realizing their romance, and share various life stories with them.

1. Unpredictable! Two eyes ‘flashing’ at the identity of a dream house tailored for life

The average sale price of apartments in Seoul is 1 billion won. It is the most difficult city to find my home. From some time, the house has been transformed for the purpose of investment, and has become an object of buy, not a live space. ‘Seoul House’ rethinks the essence of the space that was forgotten under the name of investment, house price, and development.

We all have a dream for a house, such as my house that we imagined when we were young, the house that our family wishes, and the house we think we will live someday. Accordingly, the cast leaves Seoul and tours the diverse and innovative houses of those living in the country while realizing their romance. It provides extreme satisfaction by concentrating on the space of the house to escape from the harsh reality.

Song Eun-i said, “Looking at the’Seoul House’, I will be able to draw an imaginary plan of what a house that suits me and my family will look like.” Jung Sang-hoon said, “The moment we are with the ‘Seoul House’, viewers can think about ‘What is a real house?'”

2. Various stories of life in Dream House

Then, who are the people who courageously leave Seoul and make their dreams come true? Instead of going into an apartment village of the same shape, they try to get into the life they enjoy in a house that suits them. The cast doesn’t take a look at the obvious house, but talks about the owner’s journey to building a dream house and the way they live. It presents a way to make ideals a reality to viewers through the various values of life each house has.

About his role in the program, Seong Si-kyung said, “I want to play a role in bringing out the stories of the people living in the dream house.” “Like going on a radio, slowly listen to the stories the landlord wants to say, and the appearance of various lives. I also want to find out. In what kind of house, what kind of life and what kind of story come out, please watch me.”

3. Unique housewarming of Lee Soo-geun-Song Eun-i, Jung Sang-hoon, Seong Si-kyung, Park Ha-sun

The cast of ‘Seoul House’ has various views and strengths toward ‘house’. Lee Soo-geun, an all-rounder who was born and raised in the countryside, leaves in search of the ‘natural life’, the romance of all men. With a dream of building a home, Song Eun-i, who has yet to  purchase her own house, teamed up with Jung Sang-hoon, a university alumnus, to find a dream house. Jung Sang-hoon is a father of three children and has a dream of building a custom house for his family. Seong Si-kyung is called ‘Seong Housewife’ who cannot sing song noodles, cook cooking noodles, and clean cleaning noodles, but he does not know anything about the house. On the other hand, Park Ha-sun, who teamed up with him, is a house expert who has only moved 20 times, and is going to tell you the hidden tips in the house. It seems that the five people’s different thoughts and goals about the house will make a housewarming with personality.

The house we dream of and the story of the people living there will be broadcast first at 11 pm on the 14th of ‘Seoul House’.


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