‘A series of issues’ traces the kidnapping case of Pyeongtaek

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The story of the day I want to be angry with and remembering SBS current affairs program ‘A series of issues’ Pyeongtaek infant kidnapping case-The missing baby and Dying message will be broadcast at 10:35 pm on the 15th.

Suspicious escape vehicle, mysterious cell phone found inside

The story of that day in 2005 begins with a very accidental’eye contact’. On a quiet Saturday morning, a movie-like chase took place in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul. The two men in the fleeing car were instinctively running away without knowing why they were being chased or why. The police also did not know why they were running, but likewise, between them being chased and chased, the instinct of ‘getting on death’ and the police who saw it There was only a sharp point of.

However, all that was found in their difficultly held vehicle was a ‘broken cell phone with missing battery’. The police, who are looking for the owner of the broken cell phone, hears an unexpected and surprising story.

“This number… It’s my friend… My friend died 7 months ago… Killed!”

The owner of the cell phone was a woman found with a carcass while buried seven months ago in a hillside in Misiryeong, Gangwon-do. Her cell phone reveals the reason why it got into the hands of two men.

“The smell of blood still remains here. I can’t fragrant this little hand even if I sprinkle all Arabian perfume.” -William Shakespeare

An event forgotten by everyone-A mother’s dying message

The buried woman was the mother of a 21-year-old baby who disappeared in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do. It was confirmed that 20 days before being discovered as a body, he disappeared with a young son who was only 70 days old near the house. There was only one young woman buried in the dark, and no trace of the baby could be found anywhere around. The first reports came out that the police were looking for traces of the missing baby, but that was it. The related article disappeared from all the media, and the case was erased from people’s memories.

And the’dying message’ of the mother who brought the incident that was almost completely buried back to the surface is revealed. And the ugly conspiracy and lies surrounding the baby, which are gradually revealed, repeat themselves in reversal. It reveals the amazing story of lies and the story of the baby’s mother.

In the 4th episode, Jang Hang-jun’s story as a friend, Kim Poong, a webtoon writer who has an honest, easy-to-understand story appears. Jang Do-yeon’s story friend is Kim Dong-hyun, an emerging powerhouse in the mystery world. The story of Jang Seong-gyu, who is the owner of the reversal Heo Dang-mi and his friend, model Jang Yoon-ju, said, “How can that be? “That’s not the end?”, I couldn’t shut my mouth at surprise throughout the filming.

The story of three people who visited the Ko. Ko. Mu Jang Trio without any prior information. While listening to the 4th story of the’Tale of the Day Biting the Tail on the Tail’, Chimi couldn’t stop the anger and became a’Wook Trio’. Kim Pung, who showed confidence in his self-proclaimed doctor of miscellaneous science and said’There is no incident I don’t know’, Kim Dong-hyun, who appeared twice in a row with his shining reasoning power, and Jang Yoon-ju, who played the role of a detective in the wide-area investigation unit in the movie, are all unpredictable cases. It is a back door that he could not hide his bitterness in front of the truth that he finally encountered after he was immersed in the development.

‘A series of issues’ Pyeongtaek infant kidnapping case-The disappeared baby and the message of Dying are broadcast at 10:35 pm on the 15th.


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