Chairman Bang Si-hyuk “We will become the world’s best enter-life platform company” (Big Hit listing ceremony)

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Big Hit Entertainment, the agency of the group BTS, has entered the KOSPI, the protagonist of the ‘global myth’ beyond the ‘miracle of small and medium enterprises’. Chairman Bang Si-hyuk was determined to be “the world’s best entertainment lifestyle platform company.”

Big Hit Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as ‘Big Hit’) held a listing ceremony at the Korea Exchange in Yeouido, Seoul on the morning of the morning of the 15th, and announced a splendid debut in the securities market.

Chairman Bang Si-hyuk started trading after receiving the listing contract following the Tabuk event. The initial price was decided at 270,000 won, and the market started at 351,000 won.

Chairman Bang said, “Thank you to all the executives and staff members of the Korea Exchange and the host company for their generous help up to the listing of Big Hit today. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the fans, artists, and members who have trusted and supported Big Hit artists.” He expressed his gratitude to his staff and fans.

Chairman Bang said, “This year marks the 15th anniversary of Big Hit’s establishment. It started with a small desire to impress with music and the stage, but it has become a global company with 54 labels and 7 subsidiaries and 1,000 employees. It became an overwhelming label that swept 40% of the rankings, and produced the first artist in the Billboard ‘Hot 100′ for the first time in Korea. We are operating a new and innovative industry through the convergence of different industries such as educational games as well as official products based on music and artists.”

He added, “Big Hit will lead a new music market with a new value chain. We will continue to grow in the direction of constantly challenging and innovating, and we will make sure that companies, artists, consumers, and industries all coexist.”

He emphasized, “As a listed company, we will take a deep sense of responsibility and do our best from various perspectives such as social contribution, and will vigorously move forward with global entertainment.”

At the signing ceremony, Chairman Bang announced the strong start of Big Hit Entertainment Co., Ltd. with the phrase “We will become a global entertainment lifestyle platform company.”

Big Hit is an entertainment company founded by Chairman Bang Si-hyuk in 2005. The group BTS, which debuted in 2013, is loved as a global star and has jumped beyond small and medium-sized entertainment companies to become a global company. Following last year’s sales of KRW 4167 billion and net profit of KRW 63.9 billion, the stock market’Typhoon’, such as collecting margin of KRW 58,423.5 billion from general subscriptions held for two days on the 5th and 6th, thanks to the activities of the BTS, who broke through the Corona 19 pandemic. I emerged as’the eyes of’.

Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, the largest shareholder, owns a 34.7% stake in Big Hit. The equity valuation is KRW 1.67 trillion based on the public offering price of 135,000 KRW. If Big Hit succeeds in’Tasang’ on this day, Chairman Bang’s equity valuation is expected to reach 4,3,444 won.

Meanwhile, it was only 3 months after SK Biopharm in early July that the listing ceremony was held on the Korean Exchange in the Corona 19 situation. The event was attended by Big Hit executives such as Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, as well as officials from the exchange and the listing host company. In particular, the event was broadcast live on YouTube for the first time, and was also released to the global fans (Army) of BTS.

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