‘Ghost’ Park Ji-yeon “The ‘Ghost’ returned after 7 years, the depth is definitely different.”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Park Ji-yeon asked for expectations for’Ghost’.

On the afternoon of the 15th, a press call for the musical’Ghost’ was held at the Sindorim Dae-Cube Art Center in Guro-gu, Seoul. Actor Kim Woo-hyung, Joo Won, Kim Jin-wook, Ivy, Park Ji-yeon, Choi Jeong-won, Park Jun-myeon, Kim Seung-dae, and Baek Hyeong-hun attended.

Park Ji-yeon played the role of Molly Jensen and joined the reenactment after the premiere. She said, “I think the depth that comes when the same actor participates in the reenactment is definitely different. The reenactment ‘Ghost’ has become very deep and detailed, and there was an opportunity to develop as much as the leisure time “I think it seems. It seems that there is a lot of synergy by meeting new energy. I think I can expect more performances.”

She added, “It’s been about a week since the show started. It’s overwhelming to hear that he died after receiving comfort. I hope you see’Ghost’ and receive a lot of comfort.”

The musical ‘Ghost’, which was born in the West End of England in 2011, is based on the movie ‘Love and Soul’, reminiscent of a movie by embracing the heartbreaking love story of two men and women who transcended death on a cutting-edge stage using magic and video. I was loved by the spectacle. It came back to reenactment 7 years after its premiere in Korea in 2013.

The 2020 musical ‘Ghost’ was completed with 19 talented ensembles including Kim Jin-wook, Park Jun-myeon, Kim Seung-dae, and Baek Hyeong-hun, who were selected after an audition with 1,500 people with original members such as Joo Won, Kim Woo-hyung, Ivy, Park Ji-yeon, and Choi Jeong-won.

Kim Woo-hyung, Joo Won, Kim Jin-wook in the role of Samwit, Ivy in the role of Molly Jensen, Ji-yeon Park, Jeong-won Choi in the role of Odame Brown, Jun-myeon Park, Seung-dae Kim, and Hyeong-hoon Baek in the role of Carl Bruner will appear. The musical ‘Ghost’ will be performed at the D Cube Art Center until March 14, 2021.


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