‘K-Trot in Town 2’ Lim Ji-an, unfortunately eliminated in the second round

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lim Ji-an of ‘K-Trot in Town 2’ was unfortunately eliminated in the second round.

On the 14th broadcast of SBS ‘K-Trot in Town 2-Last Chance’, following the last broadcast, the second round stage of the final stage was unfolded.

Lim Ji-an on the stage on this day selected Joo Hyun-mi’s ‘You Going to Memories’. Lim Jian said, “I thought I should go straight to this song after choosing Joo Hyun-mi’s senior team.”

After finishing the song, Joo Hyun-mi asked, “Who did you think of and called it?”, and Lim Ji-an said, “I have a younger brother who has gone too far. I will meet someday after some time,” revealing his longing for his younger brother.

In response, Joo Hyun-mi agreed, “If I express my emotions in the song, I feel that my wounds are healed,” and Nam Jin also praised “It was good to hear because I was good at digesting with my own style.”

However, Lim Ji-an was chosen by 64% of the LAN line judges and unfortunately drank the high score. Kim Yeon-ja comforted her by saying, “It will be helpful on the way you walk in the future,” and Jang Yoon-jung encouraged her, “It would be nice to think that 64% are those who want to listen to the next song of Lim Ji-an.”

Meanwhile, Lim Jian is a trot singer who debuted in 2015 with the song ‘I like it’, by Jung Ki-soo, who composed ‘My Age is’. It is also the sister of the victim of the Mokpo Taxi Murder Case, which was killed by a taxi driver in 2017 while attempting to rape a passenger.


Photo| SBS broadcast screen capture

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