Kim Seung-soo x Kim Jung-hwa x Lee Cheon-hee ‘Ensemble’ released on October 28th → November 5th [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

The Human Melo movie ‘Ensemble’ (director Jung Hyung-seok) has changed its release date to November 5th.

‘Ensemble’, a love love song dedicated to young people who cried and laughed in love, confirmed its release on the 28th to November 5th, and released a character poster that lets you glimpse the story of 6 people and 6 colors.

The ‘Ensemble’ character poster, which catches the eye with a warm atmosphere, stimulates curiosity with the close-up of six actors and their respective lines.

Kim Seung-soo as Yeong-ro, a performance director who faces new love, and Seo Yoon-ah as Se-young, who has been with Yeong-ro for 10 years. Lee Chun-hee and Kim Jung-hwa, who play the role of Man-sik and Hye-young, a couple who are in conflict in front of dreams and reality. In addition, six characters with different stories and personalities have been revealed, including Yoo Min-gyu as Min-woo who no longer believes in fate and Choi Bae-young as Joo-young who believes in fate and leaves a record of each day. The curiosity about it is also rising.

In particular, ‘I wish you were happy too’, ‘We like the chemistry, ensemble’, etc. It adds a lingering lingering feeling by depicting the delicate emotions conveyed through the lines of each character.

Kim Seung-soo, Lee Cheon-hee, Kim Jeong-hwa, Seo Yoon-ah, Yoo Min-gyu, and Choi Bae-young appeared, and director Jung Hyeong-seok of ‘The Land of Seonghye’ and ‘Yeosu Night Sea’ took the megaphone. It will be released on November 5th.

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