‘2020 DIMF Musical Star’ Michael Lee and Kim So-hyun also confessed their fan spirit to Choi Joo-eun, following Min Woo-hyuk

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Min Woo-hyuk, as well as Kim So-hyun and Michael Lee, fell in love with Choi Joo-eun’s charm.

The final stage of the 12 finalists who survived the fierce competition of ‘2020 DIMF Musical Star’, which started with 700 people, will be broadcast on Channel A on the 17th.

Despite the young age of 16 years old, Choi Joo-eun, who showed outstanding emotional expression and dominating the stage, and was ranked first by the judges in every round, is interested in the final stage. On the day of the final, a number of judges and participants pointed out Choi Joo-eun when asked to choose the most promising winner.

Choi Joo-eun, who has attracted the attention of everyone, will perform his final stage with the representative song ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ of the musical ‘Les Miserables’. She made Michael Lee’s tears poured out, but this time, it raises the expectation that it will rekindle the deep emotion.

Meanwhile, the judges poured out a confession to Choi Joo-eun who finished the stage as “fans.” Following Min Woo-hyuk, who has been the ‘No. 1 fan’, Kim So-hyun said, “It was great. “I am a fan too,” she praised Choi Joo-eun. And even Michael Lee, “I will continue to support you. The judges’ confession battle took place, such as confessing their fan feelings, saying, “I am the No. 1 fan”. As a result, Choi Joo-eun’s eyes blush, raising questions about the results of the examination.

The results of the final stage of Choi Joo-eun, a strong winner who receives the attention of the judges, can be found on Channel A ‘2020 DIMF Musical Star’ at 5:30 pm on the 17th.


Channel A ‘2020 DIMF Musical Star’

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