Akmu Lee Su-hyun releases solo song ‘Alien’ today (16th)…’Pure Girl’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

How about the music for solo artist Lee Su-hyun, not AKMU Lee Su-hyun? Her solo single ‘ALIEN’, which has been hot topic day after day with a unique concept, is finally released today (16th).

Lee Su-hyun previously announced an unprecedented transformation through ‘ALIEN’ Lyric poster, music video teaser, and choreography spoiler. Mint hair color, flashy makeup, and styling that rejected the ordinary, as well as his musical changes and challenges.

A situation where great attention is being paid to the identity and ability of ‘ALIEN’, which aroused the joyful imagination of music fans. Lee Su-hyun said, “It starts with a story where a mother tells her a secret that has been hidden from her daughter. I hope many people will receive courage and positive energy.”

According to the agency YG Entertainment, ‘ALIEN’ is a dance pop genre. A song that stands out with the melody of a cheerful and mysterious atmosphere and Lee Su-hyun’s treble. This is a new attempt by Lee Su-hyun, a’solo artist’ who has escaped the sound of AKMU’s representative acoustic band.

It is the point where Lee Su-hyun’s original charm, which is differentiated from AKMU, but has a dignified and distinct personality, is expected to shine even more.

Lee Su-hyun said, “I am so happy and excited to be able to show off a solo song I prepared hard. I wanted to draw a unique and fresh character that AKMU couldn’t show, but an attractive result came out.”

Lee Chan-hyuk, who knows Lee Su-hyun’s musical spectrum and strengths better than anyone else, stepped out as a reassuring support force. Lee Chan-hyuk not only made his name as a lyricist and composer for’ALIEN’, but also raised the musical perfection by taking on the main production.

It is expected that the sensibility of ‘AKMU’, which has been loved by the public with a melody line that catches the listener’s ears at once and lyrics that draw empathy, acted as special in Lee Su-hyun’s independent domain.

‘ALIEN’ is the first solo song released by Lee Su-hyun after 6 years of debut. The performance he will show has also emerged as a spectator point, which has been recognized for its clear and clean tone and excellent vocal capabilities, and YG Entertainment announced that her sortie is imminent by operating Lee Su-hyun’s ‘ALIEN’ D-DAY poster and counter.

Meanwhile, Lee Su-hyun will hold a ‘ALIEN COUNTDOWN PARTY’ at Naver V Live from 5:30 pm on this day, 30 minutes before the release of the ‘ALIEN’ sound source, and meet with fans first. At this event, she will introduce the song ‘ALIEN’ and answer the questions of fans through a corner such as a talk behind the music video.


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