‘Black Eyed Pilseung Production’, 6 people of STAYC, complete teaser… Park Si-eun is the member

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Black Eyed Pil-seung’s first self-produced girl group, STAYC, has gathered.

On the 16th, HIGH-UP Entertainment released the group prologue film through STAYC’s official SNS and YouTube account on the 16th.

STAYC first revealed the whole body through the prologue film released on this day. In the video, STAYC members Su-min, Si-eun, Isa, Se-eun, Yoon, and Jai gathered together.

STAYC took the first snow stamp by sequentially releasing the six members’ personal prologue films over the past 13 to 3 days. The members succeeded in leaving a strong impression by exuding an unrivaled aura that is not like a rookie and a superior visual that evokes virtue.

STAYC, who has finished introducing all members through the prologue film prior to the official appearance in November, is planning to accelerate preparations for the final stage of their debut.

STAYC is trained by Black Eyed Pil-seung, the famous K-pop producing team, that produced hit songs of Twice, Cheongha, Apink, and Sistar. He has recently produced ‘DON’T TOUCH ME’, the debut song of Refund Expedition.

STAYC, a new girl group with a strong ambition of ‘Star To A Young Culture’, is scheduled to make its official debut on November 12th.


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