Dexter, signed VFX supply contract for Lee Sun-gyun and Joo Ji-hoon’s film ‘Silence’ [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Dexter Studio, a company specializing in visual effects and contents, famous for the movies ‘Along with the Gods’ and ‘ASHFALL‘, has signed a VFX service supply contract for the movie’Silence’ (production Vlad Studio).

‘Silence’ is a story in which people isolated on the airport bridge on the verge of collapsing in a thick fog struggle to survive an unexpected threat. Director Kim Tae-gon of ‘Goodbye Single’ grabs a megaphone, and director Kim Yong-hwa, who mobilized 26 million viewers for the’With God’ series, will once again become a producer after ‘ASHFALL‘. Lee Sun-gyun and Ju Ji-hoon were cast as the main actors.

An official from Dexter Studio said, “‘Silence’ will be able to taste the essence of high-quality movies through Dexter Studio’s VFX technology, and will continue the lineage of Korean blockbusters.”

It added, “Recently, as major genres that require VFX technology such as disasters, science fiction, historical dramas, etc. that transcend time and space are being produced with the aim of opening next year, it adds to the expectations of Dexter Studio’s performance improvement in the next year.”
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