‘Idol League’ Sandara Park “The First Love Revealed? Someone is curious…”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Sandara Park reveals the dignity of the idol grand senior.

The newly refurbished STATV ‘Idol League’ will be unveiled for the first time at 8 pm on the 17th. As the first guest of’Idol League’ hosted by Sandara Park and B2B leader Seo Eun-gwang, ASTRO’s unit group Moonbin & Sanha will appear. From the stage of ‘Bad Idea’ that exudes fatal sexy beauty to his heart’s content, the mission full of charms and singing in Korean with English lyrics, various charms will be exploded for the fandom ‘Aroha’.

The new ‘Idol League’ serves as a full course with customized dishes for guests under the slogan of’Idol’s Wannabe Restaurant’. With a system in which food is added one by one each time the mission of each corner is successful, the dishes prepared for Moonbin & Sanha were Samgyeopsal&Moksal, Naengmyeon, and Ssam full course. Fans’ attention is focused on whether Moonbin and his affiliates can clear all of the various missions and enjoy eating.

The first section of the rolled vegetables was ‘Speed Talk’, where you had to quickly answer a given question. The question that embarrassed both Moon-bin and Sanha, who were quickly answering, is about the first kiss, first love. San-ha was sweaty when asked, “When is the first love?”, and Moon-bin also became embarrassed when asked about her first kiss. It is said that the MC and idol senior, Seo Eun-gwang, who watched this, mentioned ASTRO’s debut year and said, “I know it was 2016?”

As the three people trickyly passed through the question of their love history, MC Sandara Park made fun of them, saying that he was’in one’. Conversely, when Seo Eun-gwang asked Sandara-bak, “Can you reveal her first love?” she said, “Yes,” but “who is curious…” ”She blurred the end, revealing her shaggy side as an idol senior.

In the first episode of ‘Idol League’ in which Moon-bin & Sanha scramble, in addition to’Speed Talk’ to find out the honest tastes of the two,’Sejong the Great Challenge’, which changes the English lyrics into Korean, and ‘Dapjeongdan,’ a corner that guests must completely digest the choreography in any situation.


Photo courtesy| STATV
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