Kim Young-hee “After the announcement of the marriage with Yoon Seung-yeol, I was haunted by online trolls…” (You can talk to your sister)

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Kim Young-hee expressed an upset heart at the bad comments poured out after the marriage announcement with Yoon Seung-yeol, who is 10-year-old younger than her.

Kim Young-hee appeared as the protagonist of worries in SBS Plus ‘You Can Talk to Your Sister’, which aired on the 15th.

Kim Young-hee, who recently announced her marriage to her 10-year-old boyfriend Yoon Seung-yeol, said, “I thought I should get married as soon as I saw it. At first, I also had doubts,’Why does this kid like me?’ “She expressed her affection.

Kim Young-hee, who should only be happy before marriage, had concerns. Kim Young-hee said, “I have to meet me for no reason, and even the bridegroom should be cursed, but I also thought about it. My husband was forced to comment on the search term, but the first thing I saw was, ‘I don’t really see both appearances.’ So I told my husband I told them not to see the comments,” she confessed.

Accordingly, Yoon Seung-yeol rather comforted Kim Young-hee, saying, “We only need to live well.”

Meanwhile, Kim Young-hee is scheduled to have a wedding on January 23 next year with former baseball player Yoon Seung-yeol, who is 10 years old and younger. The two started dating in December of last year, and they were surprised to find out that they decided to marry in May after four months.

Photo| SBS Plus broadcast screen capture

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