Lee Geun’s sexual harassment victim side “I haven’t reported anything about Lee Geun. He hasn’t ever give an apology”

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Victim A, who was sexually assaulted by former Captain Lee Geun (36), said, “I have never been apologized” through a lawyer.

The JoongAng Ilbo delivered A’s position on the morning of the 16th through the lawyer Ha Seo-jeong (Holmes Law Office), who is acting on behalf of A.

Attorney Ha said, “Captain Lee didn’t even apologize to the victim. The victim didn’t know Lee Geun at all. The victim was embarrassed and unpleasant at the time, and he felt sexual shame.”

Regarding ‘CCTV video’, which Captain Lee claims as evidence of innocence, “If you look at the judgment, you are holding a CCTV video as the basis for the conviction. CCTV video does not prove the innocence of the accused, but supports the justification of the judgment.” he refuted.

In addition, “after the sexual harassment case was known, threatening remarks to disclose the victim’s identity continue.” “The victim is currently in an uneasy state. I was very embarrassed after this case was revealed, and I have never reported it to anyone.”

Former Captain Lee was convicted by the Supreme Court in 2019 after sexually harassing a victim in a club in Gangnam in November 2017 (a fine of 2 million won, completion of a 40-hour sexual violence program).


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