‘My Lovely Child’ Oh Eun-young, coaching with tweezers for children who are distracted for 24 hours…”Stop and Go”

[Intern reporter Eul-hee Noh on Daily Economy Star Today]

Child-rearing expert Oh Eun-young is coaching tweezers for distracted children.

Channel A’s entertainment program ‘My Lovely Child’, broadcast on the 16th, reveals the story of a distracted gold spine.

On this day, in the studio, parents raising only Baan Ok-yup children appear. In the video afterwards, a lovely gold lice that does not spare the expression of affection to the mother appears, but when I watch TV, tic symptoms that keep blinking my eyes begin to appear. As time goes by, I am worried about the various tic symptoms.” Oh Eun-young, who saw this, diagnosed that the behavior of the gold spine was correct, and continued to explain the symptoms.

In the continuing video, the daily life of a gold tooth who visited an ophthalmologist is revealed, but his dad is worried that he might have a disease-related problem with the gold tooth, which usually blinks heavily. And the cast members can’t hide their regrets as they see the gold tooth, which has difficulty even getting a simple vision test because of the tic symptoms that keep blinking. While Dad listens to the results of the test, the child continues to be distracted by constantly talking to the nurse and touching things in the hospital without permission.

Then, at the hairdresser run by her mother, the child naturally talks to her first-time friends, and finally, she takes the colored papers of her friends silently and starts playing. However, even Lee, who quickly lost interest, shows a unique affinity to become a friend in one second by greeting a child who was passing by.

Oh Eun-young, who watched this closely, said, “Your son is a child with high impulse to take what he thinks of now into action. That’s why there are no priorities when it comes to words and actions.”

It also presents a method of teaching distracted children, the secret of ‘STOP&GO’, in which parents control the child’s impulsive behavior, and a learning method that increases attentional concentration by setting a time rather than the amount of study.

On the other hand, the mother reads books on sex education every night for the golden ear, which shows even the ticks that touch the genitals. Dr. Oh Eun-young’s specially prepared ‘My Lovely Child’ for gold spines that show tics and compulsive behavior can be found on Channel A at 8 pm on the 16th, 30 minutes earlier than before.


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