Seventeen Special Album Pre-order 1.1 million copies… Double Million Seller Reservation

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Seventeen’s special album’; ‘Semicolon’ has surpassed 1.1 million pre-orders.

SEVENTEEN’s special album to be released on the 19th’; ‘Semicolon’, as of today (16th), exceeded 1.1 million copies in pre-order, following the previous work ‘Henggarae’ and ‘Million Seller’.

Although this new album is a special album, it is an unusual figure that the pre-order amount exceeded 1.1 million copies as a single album. The pre-order amount of the previous work, ‘Henggarae’, exceeded 1.06 million copies at once, breaking another record, and double I put my becoming a million seller before my eyes.

SEVENTEEN’s special album ‘; ‘Semicolon’ has already reached the top of the charts of various online albums at the same time as the pre-order opening, and has already given wings to the No. 1 high-altitude march, and is looking forward to the new record that Seventeen will set with the special album and title song ‘HOME;RUN’.

Through this special album, Seventeen delivered a more mature affirmative message, ‘Let’s take a break and enjoy the feast of youth,’ to the running youths through this special album, and a cry of hope that warms up, cheers, and empathizes. More sympathy and more realistic youth.

The reason why this special album is even more special is that it contains a mix unit song of a different format rather than the unit that SEVENTEEN previously showed, and in accordance with the overall concept of the album, ‘Retro’, various genres enjoyed by youths of each era, from Ashed Jazz to funky. You can meet the genre only with the feeling of SEVENTEEN.

In addition, the title song ‘HOME;RUN’, which boasts a swing genre-based retro sound and a cheerful and hitting sound, is generating an explosive reaction just by revealing a short teaser video with retro charm and gorgeous performance.

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