‘Yoon Seung-yeol’s wife’ Kim Young-hee “What is marriage swearing? Bad comments pouring out” tears

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Young-hee, who married the retired baseball player, Yoon Seung-yeol, talked about the pain caused by online trolls.

In the SBS Plus entertainment program ‘You Can Talk to Your Sister’, broadcast on the 15th, Kim Young-hee, a prospective bride, who is about to get married three months before, joined as a counselor.

As the story on this day, ‘Am I deserved to be demonized, simply because of marriage?’ appeared. The storyteller was comedian Kim Young-hee, who surprised everyone by announcing their marriage to former professional baseball player Yoon Seung-yeol, who is 10 years old and younger, after four months of dating.

Kim Young-hee said, “It was about May that I officially dated. “I have to marry this person.” This feeling came like an accident. I am a friend who fills my shortcomings, so I am healed.”

She said, “At first, I misunderstood because it was too much, but when it was difficult, I came to me, so I felt cleared. I was going to the hospital for bad things, but I couldn’t go to the hospital well.”

Kim Young-hee said, “I was worried, ‘I have to meet me for no reason and even the bridegroom should be cursed’. After the public dating, I got on the real sword, and I received a lot of bad comments from that time. I’m sorry, I don’t think I can raise my face. I asked my husband, ‘Please don’t look bad’.”

She shed tears, saying, “It was difficult because of my father’s debt problem. Even though it was resolved, netizens responded such as ‘Have you repaid the debt before your marriage?’ and ‘If you want to become a fair mother, pay back money’.”

Lee Young-ja greatly sympathized with this statement and advised, “I also received a tremendous amount of contact to the office when there was a controversy over debt. If you want to continue on this path, you should not run away and practice confessing your difficulties to increase your immunity to bad comments.”

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