Comeback on the 26th after the reorganization of ‘Afflicted Couple’… Today (19th), the episode of ‘The adulterer who betrayed the victim’ will be on air

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Channel A and SKY co-produced a full-fledged 19-gold couple talk show, ‘Afflicted Couple’, ends the 12th long journey and goes to a special broadcast on October 19th.

The production crew of ‘Afflicted Couples’ said, “We have prepared a special broadcast that means taking a break on October 19th in order to return to a higher degree of completeness.” “We plan to come to viewers with a stronger story from the 13th on October 26th.”

Instead of taking time to reorganize, a special ‘The adulterer who betrayed the victim’ is aired at 10 pm on the 19th. In this special broadcast, the story of the husband of a tax official who illegally handed stock information in an affair with a married woman next door, and the mother who resented this, and the relentless grief of the two women who have been around for 20 years. You can see the erotic drama of ‘The Woman Who Stolen the Stale’.

It is noteworthy how powerful and shocking real couples will return to the story of ‘Afflicted Couple’ who have gone through a break after finishing the 12th campaign. In the teaser video where you can preview the 13th episode of’Afflicted Couple’, a mysterious woman who is guilty of gypsum guilty in front of her astonished wife and her husband who is frightened after coming out of the bathroom in a state of rebellion were revealed and robbed her eyes. In addition, the talk of the performers of ‘Sick Turbo View’ who became more honest and cooler was also predicted.

Channel A and SKY co-produced a full-fledged 19-karat gold talk show’Afflicted Couple’ is a story of real couples, with the names of the cast members appearing in real-time search terms for each episode, and the ratings also showed a steady rise, proving a hot topic.

The 13th episode of the 19-karat gold couple talk show ‘Affiliated Couple’ breaking the board of entertainment will be broadcast on Channel A and SKY at 10:00 pm on Monday, October 26.
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