Kim Hyun-joong completes online concert… Delivering positive energy to global fans

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Hyun-joong held a Lansun concert ‘A Bell of Blessing’ on the 17th, offering 120 dream-like minutes and fascinating fans around the world.

In this performance, the first chapter to announce the prelude of the studio album ‘A Bell of Blessing’ was pre-released for the first time and provided a performance service of a record level. It delighted the eyes and ears of global fans with various stages and events that can only be found at the online concert.

On this day, Kim Hyun-joong overturned the expectation that he would open the door with his unique emotional voice and appeared with intense flames, singing the new song ‘What Are We Fighting For’. Like a splendid opening, they even joined the powerful ‘I’m a Million’ and announced the beginning with humorous but energetic music.

Kim Hyun-joong, who finished the opening stage, said, “It’s my first non-face-to-face concert, so I was very worried, but now I’m excited. It’s new to meet you in a new way. It’s a tough time these days, but I spent time playing music and I was looking forward to the day I met with fans. He conveyed his impressions and recent conditions, expressing his affection and gratitude for the fans who have supported him.

Next, the advanced British rock sound ‘Green Light’ and ‘Hand Tree’, the lovely ‘Pure Love’, ‘THIS IS LOVE’, ‘You are a Miracle’ with warm eyes and hope, and the harmony of acoustic and beautiful strings. By showing’change of mind’ and’parting’ and’Oasis’ deeply infused with Brit-pop emotion, Kim Hyun-joong’s more mature music world was solidified.

At the end of the performance, Kim Hyun-joong said, “Today I was very overwhelmed. I am very grateful to the staff who have worked hard for this performance and communicated in real time, and to the fans who have been waiting for this performance.” I hope you will stay healthy without losing hope until the day we meet.” He expressed his gratitude to the fans.

The performance continues by releasing the first studio album’A Bell of Blessing’, which was first released at the online concert on the 19th. This full-length album’A Bell of Blessing’ is an album that unfolds Kim Hyun-joong’s own musical world with a warm gaze toward the world and a strong determination to overcome difficulties.

The title song ‘A Bell of Blessing’ is a tribute to fans around the world who have spent time together, and it contains a message of hope that leads the music with a cheerful beat rhythm. In addition, by collecting the voices of fans from all over the world directly through online in advance and adding fans’ chorus, we can confirm Kim Hyun-joong’s love for fans again by melting the will that we should be able to speak hope together even in difficult times.

Kim Hyun-joong, who successfully completed his first online concert and showed off his powerful potential as a solo singer once again, sparked his activities with the online concert, raising expectations for his future moves.

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