‘King of Mask Singer’ Shin Seung-hwan X Hwang Chan-seop X Yeji X Mino, eliminated from the first round… Overflowing ‘excitement’ eyes

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

A colorful duet confrontation unfolded in ‘The King of Mask Singer’.

In the MBC entertainment program ‘King of Mask Singer’, which aired on the 18th, a spectacular duet stage of 8 new challengers who will fight against the topical singer ‘Cat’ spread.

The identity of the ‘Train to Chuncheon’, which set up an exciting stage with tough charm, was Shin Seung-hwan, an actor in eight colors. As a solo song, he sang ‘Spring Days in My Life’, the OST of his debut work ‘Piano’, and decorated a stage with a special meaning. “I ate meal with Cha Tae-hyun, Hong Gyeong-min, Jo In-seong, and Lim Ju-hwan on the holiday. Then, when I found out that I was appearing, I was given a singing lesson.” In addition, Shin Seung-hwan told the judges Kai, “It is my dream to be musical. If there are producers around, please introduce me.” He expressed his interest in the musical. Kai said, “You have a very good voice. I hope we can be together if there is a good opportunity,” he replied.

Hwang Chan-seop, a Ssireum, or the Korean traditional wrestling, player, was the identity of ‘a plate of eggs’ that gave a reversal with an unimaginable identity. Hwang Chan-seop, who caused the ‘Ssireum Syndrome’ of Korea with the Ssireum video exceeding 3.45 million views, showed off his hidden singing skills by showing off a husky voice. Hwang Chan-seop said, “Because recording Jeonju was a wrestling business, I was worried about appearance. However, he continued to wrestle, and he went back and forth between Jeongeup and Seoul because it was a stage where the King of Mask Singer would never be again.” He said to the MC’s question about his future goals, “I don’t have a business title yet. I will work hard so that I can be labeled ‘Taebaek Jangsa Hwang Chan-seop’ in front of me.”

The identity of’Dynamite’, who captured the hearts of the judges by showing a soul-filled singing ability, was Yeji, a singer who transformed from a rapper to a vocalist. She selected BTS’s ‘Dynamite’, which received the billboat chart along with ‘Ammonite’, and decorated an exciting stage. In an interview after revealing her identity, Yeji chose ‘Becoming Yoon Sang’s muse’ as her goal to appear in the masked singer king. “When you have a sister and IU, who did not know my own story ‘work so liked that song, and you think that we work together,” he sent a love call to speak annular. Yoon Sang also said, “It’s an honor. I did not think I was a rapper because I was so good at singing.”

​The identity of the ‘Refund Expedition’, which decorated a wonderful stage by singing the ‘TOP’ of Shinhwa together with ‘Ring Expedition,’ was Mino of the brother hip-hop group Freestyle. Andy, who watched their stage, said, “I was surprised that the Refund Expedition was so good at Kim Dong-wan’s part. He expressed his feelings of watching the stage as an original songwriter, saying, “The stage is very close. In an interview after revealing her identity, Mino told her the current situation of living as a full-time housewife, saying, “I’m following my wife.” Freestyle Mino, who was loved by singing Cyworld’s popular BGM ‘Y’, sang the song with the judges Kim Na-hee, arousing the nostalgia of viewers including the judges.

On the other hand, the stage of the four masked singers who threw a challenge to the singer ‘Cat’, who is trying to win three consecutive victories, can be found at ‘King of Mask Singer’ at 6:20 pm this Sunday.


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