‘Not Soccer nor Baseball’ Park Chan-ho, Lee Young-pyo, Seung-hee, unveils the main poster “It will be on air on November 2 First”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The official poster of Park Chan-ho and Lee Young-pyo’s Tomorch Talking Sports Road Variety ‘Not Soccer nor Baseball’ has been unveiled.

On the 19th, the production crew of KBS2’s new entertainment program ‘Not Soccer nor Baseball’, which is scheduled for the first broadcast on November 2nd, released three versions of the official poster image.

In the released poster, Park Chan-ho, Lee Young-pyo, and Oh My Girl Seung-hee appear in ‘Not Soccer nor Baseball’, along with the program title and official logo, and the phrase’first broadcast on every Monday at 9:30 PM on November 2nd’.

The appearance of the three people showing different concepts for each poster catches the eye. Park Chan-ho and Lee Young-pyo, sports legends, known as ‘Too much Talker’, put a cheering funnel in Seung-hee’s ear, and Seung-hee seemed to have a pain in her ear They are making a frowning expression, which makes fans laugh.

Another poster featured three people holding rackets for different ball games. Park Chan-ho with a ping-pong racket, Lee Young-pyo with a badminton racket, and Seung-hee with a tennis racket present freshness.

In the last poster, you can see Park Chan-ho wearing the national baseball team uniform and Lee Young-pyo wearing the national soccer team uniform after a long time. Seung-hee, who stood between the two, transformed into a caster and seemed to be playing the game anytime soon.

‘Not Soccer nor Baseball’ is a two-meat talking sports road variety program by Park Chan-ho and Lee Young-pyo, who prides itself on not having an exercise that does not aim for one-person sports. The two are going to go in search of a regular sportsman who is hiding all over the country, and they are going to play a real sword game without concession against the masters of Jaya under the honor of being an athlete. Seung-hee, who has emerged as a major star by actively crossing the music industry, broadcasting, and advertising, is expected to exude a bouncing chemistry with Park Chan-ho and Lee Young-pyo, playing an active role as a mental coach in ‘Not Soccer nor Baseball’.

Korea Sports Legends Park Chan-ho Lee Young-pyo’s two-much talking sports road variety ‘Not Soccer nor Baseball’ will be broadcast for the first time at 9:30 pm on November 2.


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